Google launches a professional SMS verification service

In a world that lives at the speed of a click it is very simple fall into the trap of a cyber criminal. Through an infected email, a user’s personal information can be accessed. As a result, many companies advise their employees not to open messages from unknown sources and, if they do, not to download the attached documents or click on the links that appear.

Regarding the sending of professional messages, the smishing -an SMS with which a cybercriminal pretends to be a legitimate entity- constitutes an obstacle for any company that carries out this type of campaign. For this reason, to give greater credibility to the sending of corporate messages, Google has launched a new SMS verification service which is already available in Spain. With it, SMS users will see a verified badge when receiving messages from those companies that have activated the verification service in their shipments.

To do this, these companies need to have the services of a platform that carries out professional SMS campaigns, as is the case of the Spanish company SMSpubli. “More and more companies are choosing to use SMS in their communications with customers. With Google’s verification we managed to give an additional security guarantee to users and combat smishing”affirms Ignacio Espada, head of Sales at SMSpubli.

Through this service, SMSpubli allows SMS senders to appear as verified with a badge that Google provides to validated platforms or origins. Additionally, users can see the company name or even their logo on the sender of the message. With this, both companies respond to the 71% of users who state that they feel safer with companies that carry out campaigns through verified SMS.

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Provides greater credibility to sending professional SMS

According to a recent study conducted by the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, 91% of cyberattacks occur through phishing, that is, with an email that, when their hyperlinks are opened or clickedallows the cybercriminal to access the user’s mail, their device, and the personal information contained in both.

Although not as popular, smishing is also a practice that should be taken into account if you do not want to incur security breaches. Mainly for all those companies that carry out SMS marketing campaigns, a booming way to get corporate information to the consumer and that more and more companies choose due to its high quality in terms of personalization, speed and precision.

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