Google launches a shortcut to clear the last 15 minutes of web search

Google is deploying a shortcut to remove the last quarter of an hour of research. The option is added to the other parameters to manage the conservation of its online activity.

For those who do not want to leave too many digital traces, Google is deploying a new option on smartphones in order to sweep up. This takes the form of a shortcut accessible in a menu of the American company’s mobile application, via the profile icon. Intended for Android and iOS, it is used to delete the last fifteen minutes of research

This new setting is already available on the iOS version of the Google application. For its equivalent on Android, it will be necessary to wait a few more months: its availability is indeed announced later this year. Although its market share is more modest, at 20%, Apple’s mobile operating system was therefore used first.

delete deletion deletion keyboard key
Google provides several options for cleaning up its web business. // Source: Vitor Sá

Other options for deleting the activity

The option to quickly delete from our Google account the activity recorded during the last quarter of an hour. It was announced in May at the Google I / O conference. One caveat, however: it is not possible to request another period of time to be erased, such as 30 minutes or an hour. To delete more data, you have to go through the classic options.

This setting concerns the recording of web activity in their Google account, not that which could possibly be stored via the web browser. To erase its traces in this case, it is through the software settings (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) that you have to go. Another solution: go through private browsing mode, whose role is to keep nothing during a session.

This shortcut complements other mechanisms that the company makes available to its customers, starting with the possibility of defining an automatic deletion after a period of time – three, eighteen or thirty-six months. By default, Google opts for eighteen months. Google also offers the possibility of indefinitely suspending the retention of web activity, until you change your mind.

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