Google launches free course to earn $ 81,940 per year

Google, in addition to being the browser par excellence used by millions of people around the world, also offers possibilities for those fans of remote work to charge their work in Dollars. How is this possible? In recent weeks, the company announced that it will issue a major course that will allow to win an exorbitant monetary sum.

The company is not only in charge of offering intangible services through its different platforms such as Google Drive, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps or its successful Google Chrome browser, but it also cares about its audience. It is not news that it offers a course where you can win in Dollars, since it has been doing it for a long time in digital marketing categories and also in e-commerce.

On this occasion, the company will train those interested in developing mobile applications for cell phones that have Android operating systems, such as Samsung and Motorola, free of charge. East course is certified by Google and training will be done remotely, while salaries are approximately 80,000 Dollars yearly.

The course, provided by Google, does not demand a great hourly demand, therefore it can be done at the same time as other studies and jobs. Only 40 hours of study are needed per month for six months and since they are classes without teachers at the same time, the student will be able to divide the hours according to their own times. In addition, another of the benefits of virtual teaching is that if students do not manage to see all the content in half a year, they will be able to continue studying for the months they need to finish it.

The course in development for Android operating systems is a great job opportunity due to the popularity it has on cell phones and tablets, therefore the graduate will be able to earn a significant sum of dollars. Finally, we tell you that no prior knowledge is needed for the training of Google. Consequently, if you are looking for a job opportunity with income in dollars, register by clicking here.

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