Google launches the deployment of Maps functions boosted with Artificial Intelligence

Google is rolling out the impressive Google Maps features that leverage AI and machine vision to mobile.

An illustration from the Google blog / Credit: Google

One might think that the waves of layoffs that are falling on GAFAM will slow down the rate of updates for certain products. Regarding Maps, Google’s mapping application, this is not the case. Almost every month, Mountain View engineers remember our good memories with new features that are always well felt. Chris Phillips, director of the Geo department of Google, presents the new features that will revolutionize Google Maps.

Google, which until recently was still considered a leader in the field, is being replaced by ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot in the hearts and screens of Internet users. The search engine hegemony of Google is under threat, it’s time to show what it can do.

Google Maps Update on iOS and Android Takes Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Immersive view allows you to visit a place in 3D in advance and at several times of the day. To do this, Google uses Street View technologies and aerial images, but above all, it inaugurates NeRF, for neural radiation fields“an advanced AI technique that transforms ordinary images into 3D representations”.

Live View of Google Maps in an airport / Credit: 123rf

Live View also benefits from the contribution of AI to offer an Augmented Reality experience which will quickly become essential for people located in Paris and in a dozen other places. It allows you to “find things around you by lifting your phone when you’re on the street”. And this, both outside and inside establishments open to the public. Live View will soon work in “1,000 new airports, train stations and shopping malls in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Prague, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo”. Google is also launching a number of features that will interest drivers, cyclists and public transport users. All these new features will be gradually rolled out over the coming days on both iOS and Android devices.

Source : Google

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