Google Maps finally plans to indicate the cost of trips with tolls

Google is considering integrating the necessary information into its Maps application allowing motorists to anticipate the price of tolls.

Motorists who use Google Maps to follow a car route, there may be some change coming in the mobile app. And positive change: in its August 22 edition, the Android Police site reports on a survey sent by Google to members of its test program which deals with the possible integration of the indication of the price of tolls on its route .

Google Maps recognizes toll roads, without saying the price

On Maps, the application distinguishes between toll journeys and those without.

The appearance of this internal investigation suggests the arrival at an unspecified date of an update making it possible to know what it will cost to cross a lane ceded to a motorway concessionaire (or certain bridges or tunnels, such as the Millau viaduct or the A86 duplex, in the Paris region), even if you take several roads managed by different companies.

Today, Google Maps is able to offer several routes for the same destination, which gives the opportunity to avoid tolls. All you have to do is click on the toll-free path, to indicate to the application that you will rather follow this direction rather than another. More generally, Maps settings include the ability to permanently avoid tolls.

If this feature sees the light of day, it remains to be seen how the information on the price of tolls will be retrieved. Google could obtain the price list directly from motorway dealers, or perhaps use its fleet of vehicles responsible for supplying Street View mapping to photograph the information panels.

Another avenue: cross-checking the data with Waze. The mobile application, which belongs to Google, offers a service estimating the approximate price of tolls on a route (you can also activate an option to avoid these barriers and take an alternative path), thanks to the contribution of its community – this character participatory does not exist on Google Maps, but this gap could easily be filled.

An example of a journey from Île-de-France to Honfleur, with the estimated price of the pages, an explanatory page and some alternative routes.

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