Google Maps will finally show red lights, stop signs and toll prices

Google Maps will finally display new information on its navigation maps. From now on, the mapping application will show the presence of a stop sign and red lights. In addition, it will allow you to calculate an estimate of the price of tolls on your journey.

Google Maps continues to grow with new features. In a blog post published on April 5, 2022, Google has just announced support for a series of new features, including the price of tolls. “To make it easier to choose between toll roads and regular roads, we are rolling out toll prices on Google Maps for the first time”explains the digital giant.

When choosing a route through the app, Maps will provide you with an estimate of the total toll price. To offer this estimate, Google is based in particular on the local toll authorities, the time or the cost of a pass, individually or via a subscription. Based on this information, you can opt for the toll-free route, which will always be displayed as an option.

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Google Maps will soon show red lights and stop signs

Google specifies that it will always be “possible to completely avoid routes with toll roads” by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner and disabling the “toll” option. Initially, the display of tolls will be limited to the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia.

Above all, Google Maps will enrich its navigation experience. Now, maps will display information like traffic lights and stop signs. “You’ll soon see traffic lights and stop signs along your route, along with enhanced details such as building outlines and areas of interest,” explains Google.

In some cities, users will also see even more detailed datalike “the shape and width of a road”. This enriched navigation map will be offered in the coming weeks in certain countries. Unfortunately, Google does not specify which countries will be affected in priority by this change. We’ll tell you more as soon as possible.

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