Google Messages: a bug melts the battery of your Android smartphone

Google Messages, the default messaging on Android, has had a very annoying bug since its last update. Once activated, it may in some cases melt your autonomy like snow in the sun. Don’t panic, there is a solution.

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Google Messages is the default messaging on Android. If the manufacturer of your smartphone has not developed its own application, it is through it that you go to send text messages. But beware, there is a bug that can drain your battery.

It was the 9to5Google site that spotted it. This bug appeared in a recent update and concerns the camera of your terminal. Do not panic, it is easy to correct it.

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Google Messages is a danger to your autonomy

Google Messages lets you use your camera directly in the app to send a picture or video to a contact. However, in some cases, your APN may still be active even when you are no longer using it. It does not record video or take photo, but is always present in the background. So there is no concern for privacy as such, that’s already it.

But it’s an inconvenient situation, since it drains a lot of battery. On Android 12 there is a small icon at the top right of the screen that tells us if the camera is active or not (it is displayed here), but on previous versions the user simply does not know that it is in operation. The only clue: the phone heats up abnormally.

If you notice this bug (which only affects a handful of users)just close the application via the task manager. The camera should turn off as well. If you do not use this feature, another solution exists: you must deactivate the permission in the settings. To do this, you must go to the system settings, then to Applications and remove the permission granted to Google Messages concerning the camera.

Additional solutions, therefore, while waiting for Google to solve the problem via an update. However, this concern seems to be very minor, only a few users having noticed it on Reddit. If you are affected, you now know what to do.

Source : 9to5Google

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