Google mocks Apple with 2-minute ode to the jack

To advertise its Pixel 5a, Google parodied Apple’s style by emphasizing a feature that was absolutely not revolutionary: the headphone jack.

In internet jargon, this is simply called du shitpost. Google had fun parodying the videos presenting Apple’s products to advertise its new smartphone, the Pixel 5a, in a two-minute spot entirely dedicated to… its jack.

Throughout the duration of the video, we hear an inspiring voice-over raving about the beauty of the “circle”, which here embodies this classic 3.5 mm socket in which a connector is plugged in order to be able to connect headphones or a headphones. ” It gave us the inspiration to reinvent the circle “, We can hear the presenter detail, in a voice both soft and cheerful, typical of Apple ads, which generally extol the revolutionary simplicity of a new product.

A circle, yes, but also a hole », He pronounces, going even further:« A tiny black hole with the gravitational pull of a trillion stars collapsing on themselves “, While, in the background, we hear someone whispering:” Approximately…

Apple doesn’t like jacks anymore

To understand the reference, we must remember that since the iPhone 7 marketed at the end of 2016, Apple has abandoned the jack on its smartphones, to go only through the Lightning port (which is also used for recharging the device). The multinational therefore now markets wired headphones with a Lighting tip, and distributes Lighting-jack adapters for those who would like to keep their headphones or earphones of yesteryear.

Some (including part of the Numerama editorial staff) have come to terms with the change, especially because they have adopted a wireless listening mode. Others, on the other hand, still rail against this radical decision – and clearly inconvenient, especially when it comes to recharging your smartphone at the same time as listening to music.

The jack on the Google Pixel 5a // Source: YouTube / Made by Google

This is probably one of the reasons why Google chose to gently taunt Apple. So, of course, the first obviously does too much for its own ambitions: while Apple releases an average of three new smartphones per year, the multinational headed by Sundar Pichai is far from making the weight when it comes to phones – it just ‘elsewhere already to discontinue its Pixel 5, however released last year.

In addition, Apple has been widely followed in its choice to remove the jack plug from its smartphones (by other influential manufacturers such as Samsung or OnePlus for example), which makes Google’s plea relatively unreliable.

But the video, rather well done, at least has the advantage of making people smile.

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