Google One VPN is now available on Mac, PC, and smartphones

Google now offers its VPN to all desktop PC or Mac users. The app was previously only available on mobiles.

Credit: Google

Google One’s VPN app was not so far available only on Android iOS. The search giant has formalized its availability on Windows and macOS in 22 countries, including Belgium, Canada, France, and Switzerland. You can only download it if you have a Premium subscription to Google One. With the exception of the free Google Drive offer, which entitles you to 15 GB of storage, Google One is available in three packages: the Basic offers 100 GB for €1.99/month, the Standard offers 200 GB for €2.99/month, while the Premium Premium offer offers 2 TB for €9.99/month.

Google One landed in France almost four years ago to the day. The online storage solution, which combines data from Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive, of which it offers more or less the same functionalities. Google One differs from Drive by the fact that it offers more than storage space in the cloud, and that it allows sharing this space with family members. The subscription also entitles you to services, the nature of which varies according to the country. Among the most interesting features, we find the Google VPN.

Google One VPN works on Mac and PC, but not ARM processors

Using a VPN encrypts your internet traffic to make it unreadable. It thus ensures your anonymity and in the most critical cases, it allows you to circumvent censorship or escape the surveillance of government agents. Unfortunately, examples of free VPNs leaking user data are not uncommon.

Another reason to subscribe to the Premium offer of Google One, which gives you the right to take advantage of Google VPN. As it is now available on all conceivable mobile devices and operating systems, you no longer have a reason not to take advantage of this extra layer of security.

Google VPN for Windows and macOS will be phased out made available to Internet users over the next few days. To find out if it is already downloadable, nothing could be simpler. Go to the Google One site. Click on your avatar in the top right. Select your account. On the Google One home page, click “Benefits” in the left menu. Finally, click on the “Protect online with a VPN on your device” card.

Please note that Google VPN is only compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows and only works with Intel processors. Owners of Microsoft’s Surface 9 model running with an ARM processor will therefore not be able to benefit from it.

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