Google partners with AI startup Replit to take on Microsoft’s GitHub

New ‘war’ between large technology companies. And the objective is none other than to continue gaining ground in the thriving artificial intelligence. Google has partnered with startup Replit to combine its artificial intelligence infrastructure and language models with Ghostwriter code-writing software. The purpose is none other than the creation in the shortest possible time of generative AI applications.

But what is actually Replit? It is an online editor, interpreter and REPL, and compiler. Used by those users looking to both write code and create applications and websites through a browser. For its part, Ghostwriter is a recent Replit own application that performs tasks such as autocompletion and code transformation.

Relatively recently, Replit went a step further in this application, adding a conversational AI interface to it Since then, it has been able to generate, repair and suggest programming code. What, without a doubt, helps developers to increase their productivity and creativity when creating ‘software’.

It is not surprising that Google has taken notice of this startup, with the aim of being able to have access to Replit’s collaborative code editing platform. While, in turn, Replit developers gain access to Google Cloud infrastructure, services, and core models through Ghostwriter. everyone wins.

Despite its size, the numbers accompany Replit, which already has 20 million developers. This association with Google and its resources will help the startup to “empower the next 1,000 million software creators”, as the company itself has indicated. In addition, Google Cloud’s own infrastructure and the basic models in Vertex AI will offer more performance to the Replit platform.

What is certain is that this union will help Ghostwriter to become a GitHub Copilot’s top-ranked competitorthe AI-powered developer service released in 2022 by Microsoft.

From Replit they are convinced of its strong position and its executive president, Amjad Masad, in an interview with Bloomberg confirmed that there is a race between Replit and Microsoft: “We will be the first. They probably copy us.”

The Advantages of Ghostwriting

Among the advantages of Ghostwriter, it is worth noting the possibility of developers to generate code for complete programs just provide indications in natural language of what they want to do. Also the creation of complete websites without the need for knowledge or experience in the coding sector and in a very short space of time.

Also being part of Replit, Ghostwriter already has the context of the developer’s project and knows what is needed or what is intended to be done. This helps reduce wasted time for developers to copy and paste code from where they work into the chat application. And also instantly fix the code to resolve coding errors even before the developer identifies the error.

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