Google Photos allows you to store your sensitive photos in the cloud, good or bad idea?

Google Photos now allows you to store your sensitive photos in the cloud. They will always be password protected and cannot be viewed by a third party. In fact, you will no longer lose all this data if you reset your phone.

Google Photos allows you to store all your photos online and thus find them from one terminal to another. However, this feature was not available for locked folders. This is now the case.

On the application, it is possible to categorize certain photos as sensitive. They are then placed in a locked folder, which you can only access using your fingerprint or password. Till today, this folder was only available locally and it was impossible to find the photos on another terminal. If you changed your phone or reset it, everything was lost.

Google Photos allows you to put your sensitive photos online

Google is rolling out the Locked Data Backup feature as of this writing. Concretely, this means that you will be able to admire your sensitive photos on all your terminals, provided that you have activated backup on the smartphone where they are stored. Of course, locked folders will remain locked and you will always have to do something to access them, whether it is entering your fingerprint or your password.

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Putting this kind of data online can be scary, and it’s completely legitimate to be wary of the cloud. However, nothing forces the user to take the plunge. In fact, you even have to activate the backup manually. For our part, we think it’s not such a bad idea. In the event of phone theft, it will be possible to delete your data remotely. On the other hand, no server, even Google’s, is tamper-proof. The photos are therefore not completely safe. Everything will therefore be up to everyone’s discretion.

This feature has been in the news for a few months, since it has been spotted several times in the app’s source code. It is now official and currently deployed. If you can’t yet back up your sensitive photos to the cloud, don’t panic, it should happen in the next few hours. For those who do not wish to use this new feature, simply do nothing, the photos will then always be stored exclusively on your phone.

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