Google Photos ‘magic eraser’ extends to Google One users

Magic Eraser, the “magic eraser” of Google Photos Until now, it has been one of the functions available solely and exclusively to the owners of a Pixel mobile, but from now on, it is extended to all users of the service who are also Google One users.

Piece by piece: Google Photos Magic Eraser is a feature that is currently very popular in other photo software and services, with which it is possible to delete people and items from photos that they are there, but they get in the way, so that it is not noticed… or that it does not do it too much. It all depends, as you can imagine, on the photo in question.

Imagine, for example, taking a photo of yourself in some spectacular place, where the only thing wrong is the amount of people around you. People who would also get you out of the way if they could… But you can’t. What can be done is resort to technology for a “post-production fix” that is getting better and better.

In essence, you simply select the eraser tool of the app of turn and you delete what you want to disappear from view. It is then when artificial intelligence -yes, friend, AI even in the soup- is in charge of filling in the gaps as best it can. And, as we have pointed out, he does it better every time, although it depends on the photo.

This is how the magic eraser of Google Photos works

Well, Google introduced this Exclusive feature for Pixel phonesthe flagship of those from Mountain View to serve one of the best Android on the market for its value for money and, it should be noted, for its focus on the photographic aspect of the devices hand in hand with its hardware, but also its software , see the GCam as a featured component.

Now, the function of Magic Eraser or magic eraser of Google Photos extends to users of any phone, be it Android or iPhone, with a limitation Important, of course: being a user of Google One, Google’s subscription around Google Drive, to the expansion of storage and which in turn gives other advantages like this one at hand.

How to use the magic eraser of Google Photos is very simple: you open the app, select a photo and suggestions for improvement will appear, among which there are some marked with the Google One icon, exclusive to users of the service. You give it, delete what you want and -never better said- the magic is done.

If you still do not see the option in question, wait for the Google Photos update to arrive, because although this novelty was announced a couple of weeks ago, it is now when it begins to be deployed among all Google Photos and Google users. One.

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