Google plans to launch an AI counteroffensive to compete with ChatGPT

In recent weeks, the new platform launched by the company co-founded by magnate Elon Musk, has become very widespread. Open AI; ChatGPT. This tool has come to revolutionize the business world and personal relationships, as it has been trained to maintain a fluid and precise conversation with humans.

But, What does the irruption of ChatGPT mean? for now Google he will not sit idly by. The great virality phenomenon that this new tool has generated since its arrival, especially in social networks such as Twitter, has led many experts in the technology sector to consider that ChatGPT, and subsequent versions that arise, could take over from the traditional search engines.

All of this has set off Google’s alarm bells, with its employees stating that they are especially nervous about this new trend that is being created in the market. This has been made known by CNBC. However, the company’s executives are calm and calm, considering that ChatGPT is still in a stage too immature and unable to surpass and replace Google.

Google’s ‘handicap’

The average user finds certain problems in Google, highlighting the excessive presence of advertising and a suspicious positioning of the results, which has nothing to do with SEM campaigns.

By its own actions, Google could be digging its own grave against ChatGPT, which despite being new, vague, experimental and with teething problemsis a weighty alternative in the medium term.

Until now, Google had led the market absolutely, despite the fact that Bing (from Microsoft) or DuckDuckGo They arose to compete with it. But the company still saves a search engine; the missing file of ChatGPT. The new platform requires an Internet connection to function and its learning is based on a old datasetwhich only offers data up to 2021. So it makes it useless for finding out about breaking news.

From Google they have been working for the last four years with technologies similar to GPT3. In 2018 they presented BERT and in 2021 MUM (supposedly 1,000 times more powerful than BERT). For all these reasons, it is not ruled out that the company was working to compete against ChatGPT in a revolutionary model that would not make it lose followers to its business.

But if Google resorts to a format like Chat GPT, it would completely lose its current monetization systemsince searches on third-party websites (which is what generates advertising revenue) would be replaced by a conversational search engine.

About ChatGPT

It is a chat system that is based on language by Artificial Intelligence GPT-3 Developed by Open AI. has been trained with plus of 175 million parameters and countless texts to undertake linguistic tasks.

The ChatGPT platform has been trained to maintain fluent conversations with people, including adjectives and variations, to offer coherent answers and grounded in a prior context. However, it still presents a certain error rateespecially in names, so copying and pasting your results is still not recommended.

Despite everything, ChatGPT is generating some tension among the most powerful search engines, especially Google, since it is capable of offering answers with great speed and efficiency.

It’s funny, but despite the fact that it can become a real competition, Google serves as a method to access ChatGPT. To do this, you would have to access the Chrome Web Store and download the extension to install it. Subsequently, enter and open an account, being able to use our Google, Microsoft or email user for this.

Google is also aware that a master move could take place that would make it a final checkmate. If Microsoft, which is the largest investor in Open AI, were to use Bing’s existing infrastructure to finish off its competitor once and for all. Be that as it may, ChatGPT is here to stay and to create headaches for Google.

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