Google Play will notify you of those applications that may malfunction

The Google Play application store is beginning to implement a new function that I find very interesting, although its deployment It is happening gradually since at the time of writing this article it was not generally available. However, I imagine that it will not take long to enjoy a global deployment, given its usefulness.

This new function that the Google Play application store has implemented is very useful because it shows, depending on the configuration that our device has, a notice in those applications that can give us problems. I know that someone will put their hands to their heads and tell me that this function was announced in October of last year, and yes, it is true, but it seems that it has not started to be used until a few days ago.

The notice displayed by the Google Play Store works in a very simple way. This store analyzes the correct functioning of each application when downloaded and installed on a device, and associates said operation to its hardware configuration. If the error rate registered by an application under the same hardware configuration reaches 8% then it shows the alert message, but only to those users who have a device with the same configuration.

I give you an example so you don’t have doubts. Imagine that an app accumulates a 10% error rate when used with a Galaxy S20, but only has a 2% error rate when running with a Xiaomi 12. Well, the warning message It will only appear if you try to download that application with a Galaxy S20but you will not see it if you proceed to download it from a Xiaomi 12.

This notice can be displayed depending not only on the problems that an application gives, such as closures and crashes, but also when it offers poor performance, so depending on the origin of each problem we will see one type of message or another. Obviously this message will not limit us in any way, that is, can we download the appbut we will already have the warning that it might not work well in our terminal.

If you have not received any notice yet, that does not mean that you do not have access to this new function, may indicate that there is not enough data yet to assess the applications you use on your device, or that the hardware configuration of this don’t give any problem with these applications.

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