Google revamps its Phone app to make it more one-handed

Google has redesigned its Phone app on Android. It now has a new interface that makes it much more convenient with one hand. At the moment, it is only available in beta, but should be deployed for the general public very soon.

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Credits: Google

Google’s Phone app will soon get a welcome little facelift. The current version is certainly a model of clarity, but the Mountain View company wants to do even better. The objective here is to make it much more convenient with one hand.

This new version, 90.0.475844574, is still only for beta testers. If all goes well, it should be rolled out to the general public in the coming weeks, if not days.

The new Phone application is more practical

When you are on call, you currently have two rows of icons, for a total of six. A second page is available for less used features. When the numeric keypad appears, it hides half of the interface.

At the top, the old interface, at the bottom the new one. Credits: Android Police

The new version tries to correct some aspects. Now we only have one row consisting of four icons: keyboard, mute, speaker and more. If the user wants more, the window expands on its upper part. Same thing for the keyboard, which no longer takes the place of certain icons. Everything can be displayed on the screen when needed.

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But the biggest change is in the location of the buttons. As we can see from the visual, they are placed at the bottom of the screen. This changes everything, given that they are extremely easily accessible with the thumb. The interface can therefore be used with one hand. Detail that kills, it is possible to change the order of the buttons. Thus, left-handers will not be penalized. Great news.

At a time when phones are getting bigger and bigger, it was difficult to calmly use this application with one hand, which is however the basics. This redesign of the interface is therefore welcome. Oogle improves its native Android apps in small increments over the months, but it’s rare that we get a total interface overhaul, especially on such important software.

Source : Android Police

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