Google services are improving on Android, MIUI 13 is coming to France, this is the recap

Google unveils all the new features and fixes to Google services on Android, Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 interface is coming to France soon, a bug makes Google Maps disappear from Android Auto, that’s the recap.

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Come on, we are slowly recovering from our emotions after the historic takeover of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft. Moreover, if you want to know everything on the subject, we have concocted a complete file on this acquisition which risks changing everything in the video game world. But back to our sheep: let’s take stock of the day of January 19, 2022. Between Google which updates its services and its Play Store on Android, MIUI 13 which is about to land in France and Google Maps which disappears from Android Auto, there is plenty to do. So let’s go for our daily recap.

Google services and the Play Store are enriched with new options

Google has just detailed all the new features that Google services and the Play Store are taking advantage of with the January update. On the menu, better password management, a new way to connect to Android TV from your Android smartphone, a revised and corrected Google Wallet… In short, the least we can say is that the giant of Mountain View has spared no effort.

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Android Auto update removes Google Maps

Bad luck for Android Auto fans: the Google Maps app seems to have been uninstalled following the app’s 7.2 update. And this time, it is not Android 12 which is in question, as was the case last December, but rather Android Auto. Until Google finds a solution, it is still possible to use another mapping and route application under Android Auto, such as Waze.

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MIUI 13 will soon be available in France

If Xiaomi has already unveiled its new interface in China on the occasion of the launch of the Xiaomi 12, the manufacturer has for the moment remained silent about a deployment in Europe. But it won’t be long: MIUI 13 should take advantage of the arrival of new smartphones to also announce the availability of its interface in Europe.

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