Google starts refunds for Stadia

As you surely remember, Google announced the closure of Google Stadia, its cloud gaming platformon September 29, immediately ceasing the sale of games and the collection of subscriptions to its Stadia Pro subscription modality, and confirming the shutdown of the servers on January 18, 2023. Until then, users will be able to continue playing to the titles purchased in the store and, those who were already subscribers, will be able to enjoy the Pro content for free until that date.

google too communicated to users the refund of all purchases made on the platform since its launch, games, devices and packs, a measure that aims to be somewhat onerous, as we can understand that Google had to pay at the time both for the production of the hardware and for the licenses of the games. What will not be reimbursed, and this is logical, are the fees paid to the subscription service, since these are understood as enjoyed by its users. Although I have read some criticism in this regard, the truth is that it has all the logic in the world, since claiming them is as if a streaming platform were forced to close and users demanded the return of fees paid historically and up to the present. moment.

At the time, Google stated that its plans were to have processed all refunds, or at least the vast majority of them, before the complete shutdown of the service. What he did not indicate, however, is when they would begin. However, as we can read in Ars Technica, it seems that those of the search engine have fired the starting gun, and that is that the company has already started processing the first refunds for Stadia Pro. More specifically, the first returns would have occurred yesterday, November 9.

If you are one of the people who expect a refund from Google Stadia and you have not changed your email address (or closed the associated account) or the payment method with respect to the one you used to make the purchases, it is most likely that you do not have to do anything, because Google’s plans go through make refunds fully automatically to the means of payment used in the purchases whose amounts are now being refunded.

However, and according to the company, if a problem arises that prevents the automatic refund, rYou will receive a communication informing you of said incident and you will be asked for the necessary information to complete the operation. And in the most extreme case, that is, if you close the Google account associated with Google Stadia, you will have to contact the company’s customer service, which will request the email address of the deleted account, the date of the last transaction and the amount of the same to prove the authenticity, as well as the means in which you wish to receive the refund.

Google Stadia was, originally, an interesting proposal and could have had more travel. However, decisions such as closing their own studios or giving up an exclusive signed by Hideo Kojima himself, added to a catalog that never reached the quantitative and qualitative level initially promised, or a communication that, over time, has been shown to be deficient. , and added to that has been up against other services like GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloudhave made it end up being impossible.

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