Google Tasks continues to improve: now you get the “favorites”

We are still talking about applications that resume activity for good, and if the Opera web browser has received its first substantial update in months, Google Tasks is more… “recurring”, if I may. The question is Do you use Google Tasks?

Or, put another way, do you use a productivity app to get organized? Because in that case it is very likely that it is a calendar or a to-do list, and if it is both, greater versatility and options. Of calendars, Google’s is one of the best out there, its only black point – beyond privacy considerations – has been the weakness of Google Tasks.

That is why when Google Tasks was renewed a few years ago, the hopes of many of the users of the Internet giant’s productivity suite for having a product on par with the rest were left on edge. But it was in vain. Google Tasks was renewed, yes, and the independent mobile application ratified it, but over time, the feeling was “Is this all there is?”.

Don’t get me wrong, but Microsoft even bought a service already in operation like Wunderlist, to create its current Microsoft ToDo, which is a task manager. Meanwhile, Google Tasks was embarrassing not only because of how little it is compared to the competition, but also compared to Google’s own products with whom he lives and integrates.

In the last couple of years, however, Google Tasks seems to have regained some of the vigor it never had, first with the reformulation of its Android app and more recently with the addition of practically elementary functions in a service of its category – category of applications, that is, task managers, not ranked by quality – like advanced recurring tasks. Best of all, it was not a mirage.

Thus, the next novelty that awaits Google Tasks is, once again, something as elementary a priori in a task application as being able to mark those most important tasks with a star, as featured tasks for quicker access. The novelty was announced a few days ago and will be extended to all Google Tasks users between this week and next, including web and mobile applications.

It’s a small thing, it’s true, but it’s also a sign that they’re actively working to improve Google Tasks. Even without being a user of Google Tasks, I feel identified with what Johanna Romero writes in Chrome Unboxed, and it is that the simple fact of seeing how the service receives updates, even if they are as insignificant as this one, arouses in one the interest to follow her clue.

Of course, I also agree with Romero in expecting the obvious, and it is a separate application from Google Tasks for PC, which has been needed for many years. It seems unbelievable that a mega-corporation like Google would find it so difficult to do something similar (yes, there are extensions and other inventions, but… maybe we’ll talk about them another day).

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