Google wants to ditch the Play Store’s Movie & TV tab on Android

Google has just announced that the Google TV app will soon bring together everything related to movies and TV, marking the end of the Movie & TV tab that could be found at the bottom of the Play Store on Android.

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If you want to buy a movie, a series or even a TV show on your Android smartphone, you had to go to the Google Play Store application store until now. However, Google announced that the videos tab, named “Movies & TV”, would be soon to be phased out in favor of the new Google TV app.

From May this year, movies and shows will no longer be available on the Play Store. If you want to buy the latest films of the moment or consult your personal library, you will need to go to the Google TV app.

The Movies & TV tab will leave the Play Store in a few weeks

After the departure of the Movies and TV tab, the Play Store will only house 3 different tabs: Games, Apps and Books. Some users are also entitled to an “Offers” tab that offers promotions on applications that may be of interest to them, but this is not yet available to all users.

The transition of video content to the Google TV app highlights Google’s desire to better separate its various services. Fortunately, the Mountain View giant notes that users should find the same experience as on the Play Store on the new Google TV application, so that they are not too out of place. Purchases can also still be made using Google Play Points or gift cardseven if the films are no longer found directly on the Google store.

Although Google TV has become increasingly popular with users across the Google ecosystem as the new interface rolls out to more TVs, it will now be less obvious for users unfamiliar with Google TV to get a movie with their smartphone. To make matters worse, Apple TV recently removed the ability to rent or buy movies on Android TV and Google TV.

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