Google will remove a feature from certain connected watches under Wear OS

If you’re using a smartwatch that’s a few years old now, Google might just be pushing you to upgrade to the next-gen, since a key feature of the devices will soon be gone.

Galaxy Watch 4Google Assistant

Bad news for some smartwatch owners running Wear OS. Indeed, Google will soon stop supporting Assistant on smartwatches running Wear OS 2.

Google Assistant support on this watch will end soon reads a message in the latest version of the Wear OS companion app, spotted by 9to5Google. ” Please upgrade to a newer watch that supports Google Assistant and works with Wear OS 3 or newer “, even indicates Google.

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Google Assistant will disappear from your old connected watches

Although Google has continued to support it one way or another, five years have passed since the initial release of Wear OS 2. Watches using this operating system have often used hardware that has aged poorlyespecially smartwatches with less RAM.

Although Google hasn’t specified the reason behind the removal of Google Assistant from smartwatches running Wear OS 2, it’s a safe bet that performance is to blame. If you’re using an older Wear OS watch, chances are you have experienced some issues and slowdowns over time.

Note that there is no concrete timetable for the disappearance of this function on older watches, but users report that they have started receiving notifications. Google would therefore already be preparing to remove it from the models concerned. The code found in the latest Wear OS companion app update, version, indicates that the brand could take the plunge in the near future.

As for the current state of wearables, Google has released new versions of Wear OS, with version 3 arriving in 2021 and Wear OS 3.5 a year later. This year, we even got Wear OS 4 on Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, which launched just a few days ago.

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