Google will return part of the Stadia money: this is what you will recover

Google Stadia

Cloud gaming is the future. We already know that you are a gamer of pure strain, of those who prefer the physical format and the consoles on the table and that you think that playing in streaming is practically an aberration, but the sooner you assimilate it the better. Another thing is that Stadia has not received the expected support and that this market is still a bit immature and has not had time to really take hold.

Stadia shuts down

As we say, no one doubts that cloud gaming is the future but Google has arrived too soon, or maybe it’s not like that, but it’s all due to poor planning and little support from the industry itself, which is still moves in the Sony-Microsoft duality, at least as far as consoles are concerned. So Starting January 18, 2023, Stadia will take its servers offline and all our games, screenshots and games will go to hell. Wait, shopping too?

Unlike other services that we have enjoyed in the past and that also ended up closing their doors, Google’s financial muscle, or the few sales accumulated in practically three years of life, has allowed Phil Harrison’s to announce that before that disconnection they are going to undertake the refund of all purchases we have made on Stadiain such a way that the regular users of the platform will not leave with a bittersweet taste and empty hands.

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BREAKING: Google is closing down its Stadia cloud streaming service. The service will remain live until January 18th, 2023. Google is refunding all Stadia purchases. Full details here:

September 29, 2022 • 18:15



At the moment, Google has not set the date on which it will make these returns, so we will have to wait for another announcement to be published where it already sets the bases for the return process of all that money that we have spent in recent times. . However, Do returns affect any payment we have made? The answer is no”.

What do they return and what do they not?

On the platform there were five possible types of purchase: on the one hand, the hardware, which included the official controller with the Chromecast Ultra (4K), on the other hand, the independent controller pack itself, the games that we can acquire as if from a PlayStation or Microsoft Store in question, the downloadable content associated with those releases and, finally, the Stadia Pro subscription that is priced at 9.99 euros every month.

Chromecast Ultra and Stadia gamepad.

As well, the refund will affect all the categories that we have announced before except for the one that has to do with the monthly subscription, something that makes all the sense since the payment for a specific month of access to all the games in the catalog has a start and end period, and once it is over, it makes no sense to talk of some type of economic compensation since the service has been carried out in its entirety within the terms that we previously accepted.

So if you have a collection of games purchased within Stadia, or DLC as well as controls and packs with the Chromecast Ultra, you are in luck because you won’t leave Stadia empty handed. And that, by the way, is something that honors Google (everything must be said).

Google will return some of Stadia’s money: Here’s what you’ll get back was first published in The Output.

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