Google will stop selling Google Glass and bet on artificial intelligence

Google paralyzes one of its longest-lived projects, and that is that its Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is coming to an end. This was announced by the company itself this past Wednesday, it will stop the sale of its augmented reality (RA) glasses for companies. The end of these glasses will not be imminent, guaranteeing their support until September 15, the deadline from which they will be discontinued.

The ‘smartglasses’ project

The search engine company kicked off this challenge more than 10 years ago, with a user-focused version of Explorer. However, the project did not achieve the success that was initially proposed and now Google has decided to end it and allocate those funds and labor to another with more future and development, its own artificial intelligence (AI).

In the development of its augmented reality glasses, the roadmap was marked by two key moments. In January 2015, the Mountain View company concluded the development of this device and its sale to the public to focus on a version for companies. Later it would be in May 2019, when Google presented its Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2with enhanced functions under the premise of improving employee efficiency.

The Google Glass have not stopped evolving, and in its newest version, which would go on the market in 2020, They were equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform and with an artificial intelligence engine. They also presented a suitable design to adjust the frames to the different types of work in which they are used and allow workers to access functions such as checklists, instructions or send photos and videos for review.

The glasses, which aesthetically had a conventional appearance, showed a small screen in the upper corner of the field of vision where notifications and messages could be read, and could be controlled both by voice and by touching the temple.

With this version, the American company once again focused on a more general public, but without leaving the business sector aside. The price for companies was 999 dollars and almost 300 dollars for individuals.

However, Google Glass has never reached the expected result, and that is that its integration into companies has been minimal in relation to its bulky price. Now definitely, through a statement on their website, they announced that their Google Glass They are no longer for sale since last Wednesday March 15.

Given this announcement, they have clarified that they will provide technical support until September 15, 2023, the date from which they can continue to be used but without receiving software updates. What could become obsolete is the Meet on Glass application, presented less than a year ago, and that is that this app will only work until the date set. The company has been grateful for these more than 10 years dedicated to innovation.

Google’s new project is called Bard

Artificial intelligence is cornering the market and Google is aware of it And you don’t want to be left behind. The American company understands that it is the business of the future and the closest present, so it wants to be part of it. Its top competitors have already started the race, and Microsoft, thanks to OpenAI and its ChatGPT, has wasted no time.

Just a month ago Google introduced its own artificial intelligence, Bard. It has abilities similar to those of ChatGPT but with the advantage of being connected to the company’s own search engine. Although it will still need corrections to be able to launch on the market, the fact of being connected to the search engine will allow you to always be updated.

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