Google’s Pixel smartphones are expected to see lower prices in the future

On the occasion of the release of Alphabet’s fourth quarter 2022 revenue report, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced great news for fans of Pixel smartphones.

Google’s Pixel smartphones are not overpriced compared to other Android competitors, and have the advantage of offering one of the best software optimizations on the market, as well as the latest features from the American company. However, despite this, Google’s mobile division is far from being one of its most profitable branches.

Indeed, a few months ago we reported that Google had only sold around Google had finally sold just over 30 million Pixel smartphones since the first model in 2016. We are therefore far from the more than 250 million units sold per year by Samsung, and Google also can’t afford to make big profits on its smartphones because of the fairly limited production. Fortunately, Google finally seems to want to focus on its mobile devices.

Google now wants to focus on its Pixel smartphones

During the earnings conference call, Pichai said the Pixel 6, 7 and 7 Pro are the ” best-selling generation of phones we’ve ever launched, and we’ve gained share in every market we’re in this year ยป With the 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel has expanded to Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. This is the first market expansion in quite some time, with availability now reaching 17 countries.

Google does not intend to stop there, since the CEO added ” we are working to improve the economics of the hardware by focusing more on the Pixel line and our overall cost structure “. In other words, Google is working to optimize its production to reduce costsand thus propose smartphones more affordable than today.

By lowering its costs, Google could not only market smartphones cheaper than the A-series Pixels, but above all avoid increasing the prices of high-end devices too much. Whether at Apple with the iPhone 14, at Samsung with the Galaxy S23 and soon at Xiaomi with the Xiaomi 13, we have seen that smartphones are becoming more and more expensive. It is therefore hoped that the adjustments envisaged by Pichai will prevent Pixels from seeing their prices soar in turn.

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