Google’s search engine could be replaced by AI in two years

This is a prediction made publicly by the creator of the email tool gmail, paul buchheit. His analysis has been expressed publicly through a Twitter thread and is based on a series of irrefutable evidence to ensure emphatically that the Google search engine has its hours counted.

The irruption of artificial intelligence in everyday life is overwhelming, in such a way that even Google could incorporate it to improve its search engine, which is in turn its main source of financing. However, the AI ​​would not help but could eventually move the seeker to a secondary and obsolete plane.

This process, according to Buchheit, is similar to what Google did with the well-known yellow pages, destroying an effective tool. With the implementation of AI in computers, it will be possible to write a thought or questioncompleting automatically as you type, and in a matter of thousandths of a second it would take users to a specific website or product.

To function, it will need the old Google search engine, which will allow it to collect relevant information and links, but offering a more complex answer in less time, facilitating the work of humans. We are not facing a new concept, because from Neeva, an AI-based search enginean attempt was made to revolutionize the world of online searches from its launch.

In fact, Neeva’s head of communications and public policy, ben kobrenensures that in the last two decades thes Internet searches have stalled to which they offer us few links, and in many cases it is not useful information, but rather they try to sell a specific product to the user through advertisements.

An agile and efficient method

AI will completely transform current information search modelsas it will collect and summarize only the relevant information, allowing consumers to reduce waiting times and find useful, concise, clear and practical information.

Forrester Research analyst (market research company), Rowan Curranensures that new intelligent and natural language models such as OpenAI ChatGPT They are a revolutionary element to provide more complete information based on user ratings or experiences, and not just on data. Nevertheless, keeping an LLM up to date is a very expensive operationalthough if a more rigorous investigation was carried out in this regard, investments would be reduced.

The answers offered by AI as a search engine are already being applied in Neeva o others like Bing have announced that they will launch AI-generated content, forcing Google not to be vulnerable to its competitors and to use AI as an ally. However, this new concept will mean that the technology giant will lose its income from ad clicks.

Google currently owns, thanks to Chromea privileged position in the market for browsers and Android mobile phones, and even has an agreement with Apple to set it as the default search engine.

The industry trend

Perhaps it is complex to change the mentality of users and adapt them to the idea of ​​using a tool other than the traditional Google search engine. AI is adapting to all business sectors, without exception, and the search for information was not going to be left out of this new trend.

Artificial intelligence has managed to exceed the limits of being considered a mere laboratory experimentation to be taken into account in the construction of automation and intelligence applications with great commercial and personal value. Therefore, it will contribute to achieve more precise and contextualized searches in real time, with immense potential.

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