Goose Goose Duck servers have died for the success of the game

If you are a small game developer and by a chance of life, you achieve success, surely you take pride in that. But, not everything is good, since success sometimes brings a lot of problems and headaches. This has happened to the developers of Goose Goose Duckwhose servers are down due to the number of players what’s up.

You probably remember the success of Among Us, the game that became popular during the pandemic thanks to Ibai, Auron and company. This simple game faced many problems, especially with the servers, which were not prepared. Also, the game was rudimentary and had a lot of problems behind it.

Goose Goose Duck dies of success

This game has many similarities with Among Us. Free, available on Steam and can be run by any computer. Here the difference is that its popularity is not due to a pandemic or streamers, it is by word of mouth. Players have recommended it to him and, making it free, has done the rest.

Such has been the success of Goose Goose Duck that, since December 28, 2022, they are taking place problems with the servers. Apparently it has been far exceeded the capacity of the servers they had for the game. This is causing server crashes or expulsion of users due to saturation.

The game developers have released a message on Twitter to reassure users: “We expected a rapid increase in players, but we did not expect this to happen. We are working hard to increase capacity as quickly as possible and will keep everyone updated. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, the developers have been working hard, we hope everyone can enjoy the game.”

As the developers have indicated, the servers have had to endure a excess of more than 100,000 users. Come on, the forecasts have been quickly exceeded, causing problems when playing. The developers know this is a problem and are working full speed to fix the problem.

Although these problems are growing, already the December 28th the first problems. So, we experienced a server crash for a short period of time.

Therefore, users must arm yourself with patience if you want to play this interesting game. Presumably in the next few days they will solve the problem. It is also true that it has occurred at a time when there are many kids at home idle.

Goose Goose Duck trouble

What is the game about?

A game of social deduction in which you and your fellow geese must work together to complete your mission. Beware of those mischievous mallards and other birds, they have infiltrated your team and will do anything to stop you.

This game includes:

  • Private and public game rooms
  • Integrated proximity chat
  • Tons of cosmetics to customize your goose. Hats, t-shirts, farts, mascots!
  • Over 7 maps including SS Mothergoose, Mallard Manor, Jungle Temple, The Basement and Ancient Sands
  • 5+ game modes: Classic, Draft, Trick or Treat, Dine and Run, and Goose Hunt
  • Over 45 optional subroles, including the Dodo Bird, Pelican, and Morphling

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