GoPro already has its mini model without screens that only records video

The small and compact GoPro Hero5 Session charmed many with its slim and compact cubic-shaped body. Without emabrog, GoPro did not repeat the formula again, and many were still longing to see a similar new version. Well, the day has come, and GoPro has managed to offer what you wanted, but significantly improved.

GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

GoPro HERO11 Mini

With a square line format reminiscent of a hybrid between the GoPro Max and the new HERO11 Black, this HERO11 Black Mini seeks to offer the most compact design possible without losing the recording quality of the new flagship. And that is exactly what many have been asking for for a long time, a camera as compact as possible but without losing GoPro’s hallmarks. And we are not referring to the adventurous and carefree spirit, but to the incredible image quality and performance that its sensors offer each year.

The result is a camera without screens, neither front nor back, and the elimination of some modes that not everyone needs. Because there are many athletes who practice adventure sports who limit themselves to preconfiguring the scene with the preset modes, pressing the record button and forgetting about the camera until they complete their journey or jump into the void.

For them, including a screen does not make much sense, since they usually carry the camera attached to a helmet to get a first-person view as real as possible. Therefore, the design of this HERO11 Mini is as you see in the images.

Hassle-free control

GoPro HERO11 Mini

Continuing with the pursuit of extreme simplicity, the HERO11 Mini only includes a single button on its body. It will serve to turn it on and start recording, although you can also use the voice commands present in other models of the brand. Its two mounting adapters allow greater flexibility when placing the camera on a compatible support, since some fastening tabs have been included on the back of the camera.

Thus, those users who usually wear it placed on a helmet will now be able to integrate it in a more natural way, and not carry it so much on top of the helmet forced by the lower shoe. In addition to the tab, the back is covered with a heatsink that will be in charge of better cooling the internal components of the camera. (Alprazolam)

It’s a HERO11 Black in small

GoPro HERO11 Mini

Some minimal functionality has been lost along the way, but most of the essentials are there:

  • Image Stabilizer HyperSmooth 5.0 with 360 degree horizon lock.
  • Recording in format 5.3K60, 4K120 and 2.7K240 with 24.7MP photos from the videos.
  • new digital lens HyperView with shots in 16:9 format
  • TimeWarp 3.0 with 5.3K capture
  • modes of Easy and Pro camera control to simplify control or have a greater handling of the recording at a creative level.
  • enduro battery integrated

The main loss is that does not take photos, since with a single button, the user would not know how to select between one mode and another. The advantage is that thanks to its incredible resolution, we can capture photos from the recorded videos directly from the official application.

How much?

Losing the screens have allowed this camera to obviously offer a lower price than the HERO11 Black, reaching some interesting €449.98although if you are a GoPro subscriber you can get it for €349.98.

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