GoPro HERO10 Black: the perfect action camera just got faster

GoPro HERO10 Black, analysis

That action cameras in general are called GoPro is no accident. The brand is the queen of extreme and fun recordings with users in all corners of the world, and the secret is basically an excellent construction, easy handling and incredible image results. Over the years the product has been renewed until it reaches perfection little by little, and that has reached its highest point with the new HERO10 Black.

And yes, we are looking at the same camera as always, with the same buttons, the same screen and the same size. Its rugged body is perfect for getting into the dirtiest places possible without fear of damaging it, and its simple controls allow you to change modes with a simple button, avoiding wasting too much time in unrepeatable moments. We already had all of this with HERO9 Black, so what’s new in this HERO10 Black?

Speed ​​as a priority

GoPro HERO10

If we were to summarize the features of this new GoPro HERO10 Black, we would only have to describe it as fast. It’s the fastest camera GoPro has ever released, and that’s quite a significant and probably desired change from the previous generation.

This quality appears as soon as you turn it on, since we will only have to press the power button so that in about two and a half seconds we will have the screen ready to work. In the case of pressing the record button with the camera turned off, the wait will be until the 3 and a half seconds approximately, figures that contrast quite a bit with the times offered by the HERO9, which takes about 5 seconds from when we press the record button until it begins to capture video.

Beyond start-up time, the camera is also very fast in processing data. New recording models allow you to capture video in 5.3K resolution at 60 images per second, in addition to recording 4K at 120 FPS and 2.7K at 240 FPS, and all of them while applying electronic stabilization HyperSmooth 4.0. A real madness.

The maximum exponent of the new speed of the camera is perhaps related to the screen and the menus. Ultimately, the GoPro camera will respond appropriately when tapping the screen and navigating menus, leaving aside the slow, low-frame transfer menus that we had on HERO9. Now everything will run smooth, fast and accurate.

The secret of being so fast

GoPro HERO10 Black

All these changes are not the result of a simple software update. Obviously not, because in that case HERO9 would have improved these aspects a long time ago. The secret is in the new brain of the camera, the GP2 processor, a chip that updates that GP1 launched in 2017 with the HERO6 and that looks like inaugurating a new generation of cameras that will offer much more.

GoPro HERO10

This new chip allows you to handle the 23 megapixel photos that we will be able to capture with the new sensor, record videos at a higher rate of images per second, and apply adjustments in real time with which to achieve a greater dynamic range and reduce the noise of the shots thanks to the new algorithms introduced.


That is the key to this new camera, a chip with infinite capabilities that allows you to explore a new world of possibilities at the level of video and photo performance. How does this translate to the user experience?

The best differences I have found

GoPro HERO10 Black

Aesthetically the new HERO10 is identical, so we would almost mistake it for the HERO9 if it weren’t for the new blue logo and a slightly darker body. But there is a detail that I really liked, and that is the new lens with hydrophobic glass. This has allowed me to submerge the camera and take it outside and avoid the annoying drops that affect the image of the video. This water-repellent treatment is especially useful for underwater shots, and since it’s on the detachable lens glass, HERO9 users will still be able to attach it as it is 100% compatible with the mount.

Another interesting detail is the possibility of send the contents of the camera to the mobile through a cable. Using a USB-C to USB-C cable (we need an official Apple adapter to connect the iPhone), I have been able to transfer the videos directly to the phone very quickly and effectively.

The mode of stabilization with the horizon is something I especially like, and now with HERO10, the stabilization is able to control up to 45 degrees tilt, quite a significant growth over the 27 degree limit found on HERO9.

And finally, being a greater facility to unleash creativity, since the stabilization modes in 4K recordings at 120 FPS or 5.7K at 60 FPS are simply incredible for a camera of this size.

Is the GoPro HERO10 worth it?

GoPro HERO10 Black

After a year of using HERO9, moving to the new HERO10 has allowed me to enjoy faster and more agile operation, while shooting in more difficult lighting conditions has improved with quite remarkable noise reduction. The change in this aspect is unquestionable, however, those who already spent a significant amount of money in the previous generation, could not find reasons to make the leap to the new camera, taking into account the great performance it offers today. the new generation.

For those who are simply looking for a new action camera, this GoPro HERO10 Black is simply the best on the market, sometimes reaching a professional performance that few SLR cameras are capable of. There is no doubt that the new GP2 processor is the beginning of a new generation of cameras that we are looking forward to seeing soon, so everything indicates that we will probably have more news in the coming months.

The price

When it comes to labeling the price, GoPro has used a strategy that we can find in other manufacturers, and that is that the brand is trying to lead users to its monthly subscription service. This service offers unlimited uploading of videos and photos to its servers, in addition to enjoying discounts on the purchase of second cameras and accessories. The prices would be as follows:

  • GoPro HERO10 + subscription: € 429.98
  • GoPro HERO10 without subscription: € 529.99
  • GoPro HERO10 Kit + subscription: € 479.98
  • GoPro HERO10 kit without subscription: € 579.99

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