GoStudent buys the Spanish company Tus Media

The EdTech platform for private online classes, GoStudent, has recently bought the Tus Media group, which has five million tutors. This operation underpins the company as one of the main actors of education in Spain.

As disruptive agents in the education sector, GoStudent and Tus Media complement each other perfectly. In this sense, the integration of an open marketplace such as Tus Media significantly expands GoStudent’s offer, which will be able to expand its potential market and reach a greater number of families globally.

This operation will make it possible for those students seeking structured, sustainable and long-term academic support to have access to GoStudent services through the Tus Media platforms.

Your Media, the largest community of tutors in the world

Founded in 2011 and based in Barcelona, ​​the Tus Media group is a teacher marketplace that supports four million students. The company offers educational platforms that allow students and companies to easily connect with teachers from all over the world. Its goal is to offer accessible, quality and personalized education to everyone through its brands,, and Since 2018, the shareholding of Tus Media was 30% owned by Red Arbor.

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Tus Media currently has a staff of 50 people and operates globally, with a special focus on southern Europe (Spain, France and Italy) and Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Venezuela).

“The acquisition by GoStudent will allow us to address the new challenges for the future of all the Tus Media brands. The fact that GoStudent and Tus Media join forces will strengthen the position of in Spain even more. In addition, I am excited to continue as head of Tus Media in this new and exciting stage in which to execute our new strategy, increase the team and contribute from Tus Media to the global success of GoStudent”assures Albert Clemente, founder and CEO of Tus Media.

Spain, key in international expansion

«Since 2018 we have been part of Tus Media and I am very proud of all the achievements and the value created by Albert. Together we also collaborate in Anuntis, and I am very happy that you have found a company like GoStudent to develop the full potential of Tus Media»says David González Castro, founder and CEO of Redarbor.

“Albert is one of the most passionate and dedicated education entrepreneurs I have ever met. Working hand in hand with him will make it easier for us to become the first global school”says Felix Ohswald, CEO and co-founder of GoStudent.

The acquisition of Tus Media is part of the company’s strategy for this year, which just weeks ago secured a new round of financing in Series D for 300 million euros and reached a €3bn valuation. In addition, GoStudent aims to continue its international expansion, develop its product through new acquisitions and strengthen its presence in the markets where it is already present, such as Spain.

In this sense, after settling in France, the GoStudent office in Madrid it was the second that the company opened outside its country of origin. In just one year, the workforce in Spain has grown to 100 employees and will double throughout 2022.

“Spain is a market that is a priority for us and where we want to become leaders. We are constantly listening to the needs of our customers and operations like this will allow us to develop our offer and diversify our products”adds Felix Ohswald, CEO and co-founder of GoStudent.

Photo: The Economist

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