GPD-XP will be a new rival for the Switch and the Steam Deck

GPD-XP, new rival for Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck

The presentation of the Steam deck, something unexpected for the vast majority of users, and that new version of the Nintendo Switch with OLED screen served to demonstrate that consoles or portable game systems continue to attract a lot of attention. Although it is nothing really new and for a long time there have been even interesting alternatives to the Valve and Nintendo consoles.

Well, if you thought that with this latest Valve proposal there would be nothing interesting with a view to reaching the market, you were wrong. Chinese manufacturer GPD has announced a new machine Or rather, a new Android-based gaming device with a handheld console approach that will also introduce the risky idea of bet on modularity.

The future GPD-XP will be a portable console very similar to what we could get with an Android gaming phone and one of those already popular accessories that adapt to the design through grips that serve as a support or fixing system for the telephone.

The advantage here is that everything will be perfectly chosen so that it is as comfortable as possible and also modular. That modularity will be one of the apparently main values ​​of the device. Because it will allow the player adapt the system to each type of game by changing the control.

Thus, if you need a second analog stick for first person shooter games, you can place it. Or if what you need are quick access buttons, then you place another remote control. And the idea is, mainly, to offer the best experience in MOBA and FPS-type games.

An Android gaming mobile in the shape of a console

This future device created by the GPD company is striking, although it must also be said that it is an Android phone more basically. According to XDA Developers the technical characteristics that this terminal would offer would be the following:

  • 6.81 inch screen
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • 128GB UFS 2.1 storage
  • Support for 4G networks

That is, compared to a high-end phone it would even be below, but it is assumed or understood that the intention is to be able to offer it at an adjusted price and thus have attractiveness compared to what the Steam Deck will cost as well as what it costs right now. the Nintendo Switch.

Will Apple release a similar console?

With this new GPD proposals and its modular Android console, the Steam Deck and the Switch, many wonder if Apple will one day come out with a portable console. Well, possibly not, because it already has it and it’s called iPhone.

The company from the block does not believe that it took a risk with such a product, especially since it could have already done something of this style with the Apple TV and it has not been like that even with the latest update. Despite having powerful hardware, a service like Apple Arcade and even the already interesting use of the Xbox and PlayStation gamepad.

So, surely, you can forget about portable console by Apple. Also, it would not be economical compared to Switch, Steam Deck or even this future GPD-XP.

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