GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1010, the world’s fastest RAID accelerator

The firm GRAID Technology has presented the GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1010, a next-generation RAID accelerator that, according to the company, is the fastest that exists so far. To achieve that title, this solution uses a Ampere G106 GPU, a chip that is the same that we have seen in numerous NVIDIA graphics cards, including the RTX A2000, a model that was recently renewed with a version equipped with 12 GB of graphics memory.

We have another important improvement in the jump to the PCIE Gen4 interface, which allows us to reach speeds in RAID configurations of up to 110 GB per second in sequential read, and up to 22 GB per second in sequential write operations. If we take a look at the values ​​that this solution is capable of achieving in random read and write operations, we also find some impressive values: 19 million and 1.5 millionrespectively.

These data have been recorded in Linux environments. As we can see in the two attached images, the values ​​that we can register in Windows environments are much more modest, although they are still impressive. You can click on the images if you need to enlarge them to see the data in more detail.

GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1010

Thanks to the change of GPU as the acceleration engine, and the use of the PCIE Gen4 interface, the GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1010 is able to offer a 19% increase in read and 83% write performance over the previous generation model. This accelerator supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 RAID 10 configurations, can manage configurations of up to 32 NVMe SSD drives under Linux and Windows Server 2019 and 2022, and will be available from May 1.

In terms of design and build quality, the GRAID SupremeRAID SR-1010 is practically a carbon copy of the NVIDIA RTX A2000, as it maintains the dual-slot format, the flat, black casing, and even has the same Turbine-type fan, which is responsible for removing hot air to the outside. Being an accelerator for SSD drives in RAID does not have image connectorssince its main function is not to work as a graphics card.

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