Grandpa abuses his granddaughter, gets pregnant and mom opposes her abortion

An 11-year-old girl was raped by her grandmother, situation that ended in a pregnancy. Now, after this event occurred in Bolivia, the news spread that the mother would have accepted the abortion first, but due to the intervention of a religious organization she would have changed the decision and with giving consent for her daughter to continue with the pregnancy.

The incident occurred in the municipality of Yapacaní, in the eastern region of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and according to reports the girl became pregnant after being raped several times by her 61-year-old grandmother, who took care of her in the afternoons because the parents had to go to work.

Now, after all the facts were released, it was confirmed that the little girl does not want to have the babyTherefore, a debate was opened between the organizations that defend life and those who consider that they should have an abortion, as the family had killed in the beginning.

The girl’s news

At the moment, the rapist is imprisoned and the little girl is 11 years old. She has been in office for 21 weeks and is admitted to a maternity hospital in Santa Cruz, But that’s not all, since according to Ana Paola García, executive director of the House of Women, the little girl would have confessed that she felt that something moved in her belly and how was the process for the mother to decide not to accept the abortion.

In a talk with EFE, Ana Paola confirmed that she had asked to interrupt the pregnancy thanks to the constitutional ruling of 2014 which says that victims of sexual violence can have an abortion, But everything changed when a religious organization convinced her of the prevention of life, so she canceled the request to interrupt the pregnancy.

In the information provided by García, it was made clear that before the girl’s statement “I do not want to be a mother”, so she was had given the first dose of the medicine to stop the pregnancy, but now the option of not continuing with this is being analyzed by the religious organization.

Since when is abortion legal in Bolivia?

Since 1970 abortion was decreed legal in the country, but previously a court order was needed to carry out the procedure, but thanks to the 2014 constitutional ruling, a judge’s order is no longer necessary, since a simple photocopy is more than enough to start the protocols with the victim.

“Imagine an 11-year-old girl who has to see her son or daughter every day as a result of rape. We cannot tolerate this type of behavior within our country and we cannot destroy the life of an 11-year-old girl. We must create the material conditions so that this pregnancy is interrupted if it is defined in this way ”, explained the executive president of the Women’s House.

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