Great care! This new attack manipulates your browser to infect you

A lots of security attacks informatics can arrive through the browser. Programs like Chrome or Firefox can be targeted by hackers to sneak viruses, steal passwords, or gain access to a system. In this article we echo a new Phishing technique that precisely uses the browser. It is something new and it can put your passwords or personal data at risk, since they could redirect you to false pages.

Phishing attacks using Chrome app mode

Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers have the feature application mode. This allows a web developer to create a web application with a native desktop look and feel. This is useful so that users can see a simpler, cleaner and easier page. For example to use in some operating systems on small computers, watch YouTube, etc. Basically it means that this page is seen without the address bar, nor the browser toolbar.

The problem is that hackers can exploit that function. They can generate login screens that look official, realistic, but are actually a scam. When the victim enters, they think they are on the legitimate page, but they are actually accessing a fake website.

The main issue is that these desktop applications are often more difficult to fake. Therefore, users are not going to be as careful as if they enter a normal web page in the browser, since it is more common for them to falsify. Now, security researcher mr.d0x has demonstrated how they can use Chrome’s app mode to launch phishing attacks. You can always use browser plugins against Phishing.

What they do is try to get the victim to open a file that is the direct access to enter that site. If the victim falls, she would be entering a false page. It could contain viruses or simply be a login page to steal your password.

This security researcher has not only found that it is possible to carry out this attack on Windows, but it could also happen on macOS and Linux. Of course, the requirement is that the application mode is started locally on a device, so the potential for attack is limited.

New malware threat

How to avoid browser attack

It is important to always take measures to avoid attacks of this type and many others in the browser. The most important thing is the common sense and don’t make mistakes. It is essential to always access official pages, check the URL well and, in this case, be careful if you are going to access it through Chrome application mode.

It is also convenient to use security programs. A good antivirus can detect the entry of malware and prevent problems that can damage your privacy. Applications like Windows Defender or Avast come in very handy in Windows to prevent the entry of viruses of all kinds.

On the other hand, keep All updated it will also get rid of certain attacks. This must be applied in the browser itself, but also in the operating system. Always install the latest patches and versions to avoid problems of any kind.

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