Green light to the spin-off of The Boys and its superhero university

The Boys spin-off officially kicks off

The Boys surprised us all from its first season, a series of superheroes that broke the mold with respect to what we had previously seen within the MCU. Very hooligan dialogues and risque scenes along with a lot of blood were some of the elements that gave it its own identity.

Now Amazon has made official something that had already been rumored for months: there will be a spin-off series from The Boys. The project has finally received the green light and part of what we told you at the time is strengthened in the face of what will be this new production of Amazon Studios and that you can enjoy on Prime Video. Of course, if you think so, let’s collect some interesting data.

  • At the moment there is no confirmed title, so that will be a surprise that will be revealed later
  • The spin-off will be set in a kind of university for young superheroes controlled by Vought International. This is not surprising, is it?
  • The protagonists will be a very young superheroes who will compete with each other for the best contracts in the best cities. Here we can already intuit that there will be a lot of hormonal shock again and all those situations that are had in American universities, but taken to an upper limit
  • Some of the leading actors who have known each other for months are: Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Aimee Carrero, Reina Hardesty, Maddie Phillips and Shane Paul McGhie
  • Those responsible for the project will be Michele Facetas and Tara Butters, both were directing Marvel’s Agent Carter series
  • It will be an exclusive production for Prime Video

Seen what was seen during the first two seasons of The Boys and the advance of the third season, there are many expectations in this spin-off of which its managers have already said that it will have its own style and tone. That is, there will be things that are shared with the parent series because they must maintain a certain coherence, but thinking of something capable of differentiating is striking.

A series based on the comics

When we began to hear the first rumors about the possible spin-off of The Boys we already told you that in volume 4 of the comics there was John Goldokin, the name of the one who would be the director of the university where the main events that we will see in this future series will study and take place.

In them it is said that this character goes around in search of young people who do not have any talent in order to recruit them to inject them with compound V with which they would later have unique skills with which in the future to do business.

In addition to that there are dark details of his personality that surely also serve to make all kinds of criticism throughout all his episodes.

When will the spin-off premiere

The official premiere date has not yet been released, it is too early to do so and it must be remembered that the third season of The Boys has not been released yet. Therefore, it is more than likely that if you get there, you will late 2022. However, we will remain attentive to any news that gives clues about the premiere.

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