Groundhog Day, the mythical movie that we never get tired of watching

That perhaps the first two names have sounded familiar to you and that is, yes, Ramis and Murray they are two of the legendary ghostbusters They got together again and managed to repeat the magic.

Ramis, in addition to directing, co-writes the script with Danny Rubin and it shows in Bill Murray’s quirky, tailored humor, one of the film’s key factors.

What is the film about

The argument is simple. An egocentric Pittsburgh meteorologist, Phil Connors, finds himself inexplicably trapped in a small town. while living the same day over and over again.

Connors’ initial mission is to cover the inconsequential event of the groundhog dayin which a such an animal, named Phil, predicts the weather for the rest of the winter what’s left

Imprisoned in the most absolute mediocrity, Bill Murray will try to do everything possible to get out of the loop, including dying. But, little by little, he will realize that, even in the midst of this little hell, he can get good things out of it. After a lot of repeating mistakes, of course.

This also allows him to discover his love for Rita, his co-worker, in addition to learning that the world doesn’t just revolve around him.

The movie is a comedy with romantic, irreverent and black touches, where basically Bill Murray plays Bill Murray. That is what can be said of practically all the works in which he has acted, but the character of a selfish and insufferable weatherman fits him like a glove.

Gives the replica a phenomenal Andie McDowell as Rita, who won several awards for her performance, although the film was completely ignored by the Oscars.

The movie was one of the highest grossing movies of 1993the reviews were positive, but, above all, over time, became a cult phenomenon.

Ramis’s talent for different comedy and Murray’s for playing himself would be a unique combination.

The origin of groundhog day

The one in the film arises when screenwriter Danny Rubin creates the script in 4 daysbut that first version was very different from the one we saw at the end.

Ramis gave the final incarnation of the script a twist to make it more fun and accessible, while Murray improvises much of the film because he probably didn’t even bother to read anything, although he was quite obsessed with it. filmbecause he was going through a divorce.

In fact, the tensions over this issue meant that Murray and Ramis did not speak to each other for a long time.

Interestingly, the groundhog day event is an example of a small inconsequential event that occurs in a lost town. It is a symbol of the nothingness to which someone who thinks he is very important has been relegated.

Paradoxically, the success of the film caused the ignored event that takes place in little Punxsutawney (and that is also celebrated in a similar way in other places in the United States or Canada) became world famousand even broadcast internationally.

when is groundhog day

groundhog day celebration

The February 2 of each year. Actually, as we have mentioned, this is a holiday that celebrated in various parts of the United States and Canada on this day. In different cities and towns a different groundhog is used, of course. In the film, the action is set in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvaniabut in the other parts the tradition is the same.

The groundhog comes out of his burrow and predicts the weather for the rest of the winter. If you see your shadow, there will be six more weeks, if you don’t, winter will soon be over.

What is the meaning of Groundhog Day and why does it connect with us so much?

Andie McDowell and Bill Murray on Groundhog Day

The film is excellent as a comedy, but that alone did not make it the phenomenon that it is. It goes much further and, prepare yourself, it will seem that you have changed the tab to a different website.

In case it’s not obvious, I’m sorry to make you spoilersbut I, you (ok, maybe not you, because you are special) and surely almost everyone around us, is living groundhog day.

You get up, have breakfast, work, study or whatever, eat almost the same thing, do almost the same thing, talk to the same… You obsess over the same thing and existence is one groundhog day after another.

Everyday life has that damn mania, patterns that repeat themselves and that’s why everybody projects their situation in the film, they are identified and, at least he entertains himself, he laughs. And it also makes you reflect on those habitual, almost robotic behaviors with which we spend half asleep for this brief moment that is life.

What? You did not expect a paragraph like the previous one in El Output, huh? Yeah, me neither, but it’s the truth.

It is impossible not to be identified because The Groundhog Day that’s life. Your life my life. Seeing her makes us think and, maybe, she even makes us try to break up, at least a little, the same as always.

Bill Murray and the only possible way out

In this video, just 4 minutes long, the director Harold Ramis himself comments on the meaning of the film in that sense. It is in English (but you can put subtitles in Spanish automatically translated by Youtube).

There he talks about how Jewish communities (he is one), Catholics, Buddhists, psychoanalysts and a lot of normal people that he came across every day, They talked to him about how the film was about them. That if the wheel of reincarnation, the Torahetc.

the wonder of film it is that everyone identifies with it and can project their experience onto it, according to Ramis. And perhaps, it is summed up in the anecdote of the waiter starbucks that says. Giving him the coffee, she told him that she had seen the movie again and had found new nuances, new personal meanings, as he always did.

We’re all that waiter and that’s what good art does, like this movie.

where can i see the movie

where to watch groundhog day

You already know how that thing about licenses goes on the platforms of streaming, that now the film is and in two weeks it disappears. Or vice versa. At the moment, this classic is not available to watch for free at the time of writing this, but, you can rent or buy it on Prime Video.

In addition, it is on the usual purchase and rental platforms, such as iTunes or google play. But come on, you have to go through the box.

Movies like Groundhog Day

There is no movie like The Groundhog Daybut there is countless movies based on the same premise. Someone who repeats their day or is stuck in a time loop over and over again.

we leave you the two that are most worthwhile in my opinion. Of course, the genre is completely different, only the premise is the same.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014), groundhog day with aliens and action

Tom Cruise is not Bill Murray, but he stays on a loop reliving the events of an alien invasion and is a very good sci-fi action movie.

Source code (2011)

An Army pilot (Jake Gyllenhaal) is sent to the body of a train passenger who has been killed by a train bomb. Should relive the eight minutes before the detonation and it is more interesting than you expect.

Fascinating curiosities that (perhaps) you did not know

To finish, here are some details that, surely, you did not know about the film.

  • Actually, the film was shot in Woodstock, just 70 kilometers from Wilmette, Murray’s birthplace. If you go, there’s a little plaque that says “Bill Murray stepped on here” on the curb where Murray continually gets into a puddle. There is also another, “Ned’s Corner”, where he is constantly approached by this character.
  • Bill Murray wasn’t actually the top pickbefore him were considered: Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin Y John Travolta. They were dismissed as being too nice. So they decided on Michael Keatonbut he said no and it all ended up in Murray’s hands.
  • Although Ramis himself calculates that, in the film, Connors lives the same day for about 10 yearsthe original idea was to do it for 10,000 years.
  • It was decided on purpose don’t explore the darkest facets of the loopLike the fact that Connors murdered others without consequence.
  • In the beginning, thought to explain the reason for the loop, but it was not carried out (better). Chances were it was a curse from a former lover of Connors’s or from someone among the thousands of people he verbally abused.

As you can see, there is much more than meets the eye The Groundhog Day. Now you can go to show off deep symbolism and curiosities with whoever wants to listen to you.

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