Grupo Primavera merges under the Cegid brand

It’s finally official, Grupo Primavera, A Cegid Company, has just announced that it will operate under the name and brand cegid in all the markets in which it is present. This step is the culmination of the acquisition by the French group Cegid, the
last september.

The company has become the leader in business management solutions in the cloud in Spain and Portugal after the acquisitions of Meta4 in 2019, VisualTime in 2021 and Grupo Primavera in 2022 and sells its solutions in 130 countries. In a context of accelerating technological transformation of companies in Europe, Cegid is a leading global provider of business management solutions in the cloud for the Finance (Treasury, Taxation and ERP), Human Resources (Payroll, Talent management) sectors. , Accounting, Retail, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

In the Iberian Peninsula, the Grupo Primavera brand, A Cegid Company, as well as its different solutions, have redesigned their identity to become Cegid in all its markets and sectors. Follow the witness of Meta4 which, in October 2022, completed its transition to Cegid. The integration of the products of Grupo Primavera, A Cegid Company under a leading brand will allow offer more value and benefits to your customers and partners, by being able to benefit, among other things, from greater investment and innovation, access to a broader and complementary portfolio of solutions, agility in processes and a unique customer experience. This movement also accelerates the consolidation of common values, culture and ways of operating.

“The power of a single brand is incomparable and we were clear that it was important to take this step as soon as possible. The fundamental thing is to maintain closeness with our clients, partners and ecosystem, increase our capacity to contribute value and innovation, and expand the possibilities of growing together. Today, the 1,300 people who make up Cegid in Spain, Portugal, Latin America and Lusophone Africa reinforce our commitment to contribute to the digitization of organizations in our region, to help strengthen them so that they can continue creating wealth and employment.” assures Santiago Solanas, CEO of Cegid Iberia, LatAm and Portuguese Africa.

An accelerated brand transition process

Since the acquisition of Grupo Primavera last September, the company began its path towards the corporate identity of Cegid in order to have a single leading brand that would serve as a common umbrella and whose first stage culminates today with the redesign of the most visible, such as the different websites, profiles on social networks or corporate materials and with the unification under the Cegid brand of a portfolio of business solutions that includes Cegid Peoplenet, Cegid VisualTime, Cegid Ekon, Cegid Prosoft, Cegid Contasimple, Cegid Billage, Cegid GSE, Cegid Diez Software, Cegid Profiture, Cegid Club del Asesor, Cegid Remote Management, Cegid Primavera, Cegid Yet, Cegid Valuekeep, Cegid Cloudware, Cegid Eticadata and Cegid SAFTOnline. This integration process will continue, progressively, until absolute synchronization.

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Silvia Baschwitz, Director of Communication, Institutional Relations and ESG at Cegid Iberia, Portuguese LatAm&Africa; Portuguese Africa, highlights: “the important role that the brand plays in the relationship with our employees, customers and partners. The creation of a “one Cegid” inspires the union of teams with a common purpose, encourages collaboration and synergies, facilitates integration, helps streamline processes, but above all adds value to our customers and partners. We have the responsibility as a company to contribute to the digitization of the business fabric in the countries where we have a presence and to do it closely and in a way that is committed to them”.

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