GTA 6: a leak reveals the story in detail, is it credible?

Once is not custom GTA 6 is the subject of a new rumor of size. This one doesn’t have much to do with the last ones, since it reveals that the game takes place in Brazil and tells the story of two twins separated by the local cartel who will try to get revenge. Nevertheless, all this does not seem very credible, and this for several reasons. Explanations.

Credits: Rockstar

We’re getting used to seeing leaks that don’t look alike on GTA 6. The pace was already high, but the formalization of the project by Rockstar definitely unleashed the imagination of fans. Problem: when you’ve been waiting for a game this long, it’s easy to be fooled by the first somewhat believable leak that comes along. However, false leaks have been chained lately.

Also, it is better to take with (big tweezers) a leak that has been talked about a lot on the web in recent days. This one comes straight from the leaker Matheusvictorbr, which reveals a large part of the game’s history on Twitter. Thus, according to him, GTA 6 would take place in Brazil, at least in part, because it would be the country of origin of the two main characters. Two, yes, because the leaker claims that we will follow the story of twins.

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Leak claims GTA 6 will be released in 2024

The story would therefore begin in 2023, the year in which the brother and sister fall into the hands of the Brazilian cartel after the death of their parents. Years later, as adults, the two take very different paths. The brother becomes an agent of the DOA (parody of the American DEA) in order to fight against the spread of drugs, while the sister has infiltrated the cartel in order to rise in rank and take revenge for the death of her parents.

Both therefore have an identical goal, but would only cross paths later in the game. The leaker nevertheless does not specify whether the two characters are playable, although it seems likely given the gameplay of GTA 5. However, he claims that the game will be the first to look so closely at cartels. On the side of the cities, we find Vice City, as already mentioned before, but also Cuba or a Colombian city. The release is scheduled for 2024.

Why is this leak not believable?

As much to say it right away, none of this seems very credible. To begin with, it should be emphasized again that fake news about GTA 6 is legion on the web. It is therefore necessary to take with a very particular precaution all the information which claims to reveal elements of the gameplay or the history. But beyond that, the elements of the leaker are not consistent with the GTA universe.

To begin with, all the opuses of the franchise have taken place so far in the United States, precisely to issue an acerbic satire of the country’s system. A story in Latin America therefore seems strange, especially since, if the leaker never says that he is from Brazil, his Twitter account is in Portuguese. In other words, this one could show chauvinism to attract the praise of his followers.

Plus, a 2024 release seems way too close to be real. Many leaks rather expect 2025, or even 2026, which is more credible knowing the development times that Rockstar has accustomed us to. Especially since matheusvictorbr claims that the studio would take extra care over gameplay which, for a now decades-old formula, is probably time-consuming. With all these elements in mind, we let you make up your own mind.

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