GTA 6: female protagonist, return of Vice City, evolving map… Rockstar wants to revolutionize everything

GTA 6 is finally talking about him! Jason Schreier, the famous Bloomberg journalist, gives crisp information on the long-awaited title: return of Vice City, female protagonist, evolving map… He also evokes a change in corporate culture at Rockstar, more peaceful and respectful of employees .

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GTA 6 is the most anticipated game on the planet, yet it has delivered no official info. Only certainty: it is well under development. Jason Schreier, the most famous video game journalist, publishes a long article today in Bloomberg and gives crisp details on this next opus.

First, some rumors that appeared on the net a few years ago seem to be confirmed. GTA 6 would be codenamed Project Americas. He would stage Vice City and its surroundings, a pastiche of Miami and Florida (as Los Santos was a parody of Los Angeles). The map would be large and feature more interiors than previous games. Moreover, it would evolve over time. This means that even after release, single-player content would be added, such as new cities and new missions. A way to avoid the crunch for studio employees.

GTA 6 would have a playable protagonist

But the information that surprises the most is the fact that the game would feature a female protagonist, an outlaw from Latin America. Bloomberg reports that GTA 6 will feature a Bonnie in Clyde duo. We don’t yet know how this will translate to gameplay, but we remind you that GTA 5 allowed you to change characters on the fly.

Surprising information for a series that has always had the reputation of being very masculine. This change would actually be the consequence of what is happening internally, according to Schreier. After numerous crunch and toxic vibe scandals, the company’s policy would have changed greatly. The first clues appeared in the new gen version of GTA 5, where some jokes aimed at communities had been removed. GTA 6 will totally go that way, according to Bloomberg.

For employees, this new policy includes a more serene workspace, less overtime, more ethics, the dismissal of employees singled out for their questionable behavior or the hiring of contract workers. As a result, development of GTA 6 has taken longer than previous games (as well as being further lengthened by the pandemic).

This information is the first that could be called really reliable regarding GTA 6. This allows us to get an idea of ​​what awaits us. All that remains is to wait for an official announcement from Rockstar which, we hope, should not be long in coming. A few days ago, journalist Tom Henderson, also well informed, had indicated that GTA 6 would certainly arrive in 2024 or 2025.

Source : Bloomberg

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