GTA 6 “leaks” in San Andreas image and may have a prologue in Brazil

The fact that Rockstar made the existence of GTA 6 official recently did not make the rumors about the game wane. He doubts? Just see that a new wave of leaks reveals the possible locations in which the new game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise could take place – and they could go far beyond Vice City.

Around the world in GTA 6

Instead of Jeff Grubb, Tom Henderson or other famous names with insider information behind the scenes of the gaming industry, who brings more details about GTA 6 is a Brazilian. The netizen known as “Matheusbr9895_” has become an increasingly popular insider when it comes to the GTA series.

Over a series of posts on his Twitter profile in recent days, Matheus explains that the Rockstar team supposedly liked the reception of the Max Payne 3 scenario, which takes place in Brazil, and decided to put the country in the prologue of the new GTA . According to the insider, this introduction takes place in 2003 and shows the murder of the protagonists’ parents by local cartels.

Responding to a follower, the internet user said he was 80% sure that the main story of GTA 6 should take place in different locations not only in the US, but also in other countries. The scenarios pointed out by him? Vice City, Carcer City and Cuba – but the list could go on and on.

Vice City is real! (or nearly so)

While Cuba can be an interesting addition to the game and Carcer City has already been mentioned before in other episodes of the franchise, the highlight can be with the return to Vice City and surroundings. That’s because the Miami, Florida-based city’s presence in the next game in the series may have been leaked very recently by Rockstar itself.

According to “Matheusbr9895_”, a new image found in the definitive edition of GTA San Andreas reveals what we can expect from the look of one of the scenarios in GTA 6. The file was not part of the original game and only appeared in the new GTA Trilogy.

So, are Brazil and a quiet suburban house on the outskirts of Miami really part of GTA 6? keep following the TecMasters for more information about the game.

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