GTA 6: Rockstar should fix one of GTA 5’s biggest mistakes

Leaker Tez2 has good news for GTA fans. According to him, the next game in the saga would sign the return of DLC, after their notable absence in GTA 5. New cities and missions will be added over time after the release of the title, which could even be integrated into GTA Online.

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In addition to its memorable story, GTA 4 has made an impression with its high quality DLCs, including the now cult The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. When GTA 5 arrived on our consoles, players were therefore logically expecting Rockstar to continue its momentum. However, nothing came of it, the studio justifying itself by declaring that extensions were not “neither possible nor necessary”.

In reality, Rockstar preferred at the time to focus on the development of GTA Online, which will also provide the opportunity to continue the story of Franklin. But for solo players, the adventure stopped at the end of GTA 5, which did not fail to trigger many reactions within the community. De facto, GTA 6 is expected to turn on this point. And fans shouldn’t be disappointed.

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GTA 6 will sign the great return of DLC in the saga

Indeed, the Tez2 leaker has arrived with great news on GTAForums. According to him, “Rockstar will go back to the way they planned additional content before the whirlwind success of GTA Online”. Translation: DLC would indeed be on the program, to the delight of players. The latter affirms that Rockstar is already working on adding “new towns and missions” that will feed the game over time.

In addition, Rockstar would plan to integrate this additional content also into GTA Online, which will allow the service to be maintained. “If we’re lucky, we might get a full-fledged new town once in a while”, comments Tez2. So that would explain why the studio is currently hiring en masse.

Source : GTAForums

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