GTA Trilogy was just “a bug” that is already corrected

Do you remember the disastrous launch of the GTA Trilogy? It was, without a doubt, a clear example of the little (if not null) respect that Rockstar seems to have for the saga that raised the company to the position it currently occupies. And it is that the collection of failures and signs of absolute carelessness during the preparation of this adaptation, from which many of us expected so much, is one more example that, as a general rule, fans and followers put much more affection into the titles that their own creators.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the release of GTA Trilogy in the state it was in was an insult by the company towards its users, even more so if we take into account that, to “celebrate” its launch, he previously made sure to end the possibilities of legally obtaining a copy of the original versions in digital format. Of course, it is that they could compromise the sales of this disaster.

But the thing does not end there, far from it. Another part of the GTA Trilogy pre-release was, once again (every day more common in this industry) the persecution of mod creators, to remove add-ons made for the classic versions of the games included in this collection. Of course, it could bring out their colors to see that the original game with the mods created by the community was a much more interesting option than the half-cooked rehash they put out for sale.

To err is human, on that we agree, and at least everyone has the right to apologize. And that is what I understand that Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, wanted to do in an interview with CNBC. The problem is that to apologize you need to take what you are doing seriously., as Sam Mendes showed us in the memorable Road to Perdition, specifically in the scene in which Paul Newman demands that his son, Daniel Craig, apologize for his previous actions. I think Zelnick should have seen the movie before talking about the GTA Trilogy.

GTA Trilogy was just a "failure" which is already corrected

And it is that in the interview, the executive of the company Reduces the entire GTA Trilogy multi-tiered mess to ‘a glitch’. And of course, I can’t help but wonder, what kind of glitch causes disastrous performance, multiple graphical elements that are worse than the original versions, and even causes songs to be included in the installer? which the game no longer has licenses? What technical failure can cause such a disaster?

What happened with GTA Trilogy does not respond to a technical failure, and pretending that we can believe something like that reveals to us that Zelnick has a high image of himself, combined with a much worse image of the rest of the world. And I’m so sorry, but no, we’re not what you take us for.

The “technical failure” of GTA Trilogy it was not, in fact, a technical error, but a human error, tremendously human, and that affected the people responsible for making decisions regarding the title. GTA Trilogy was a work disaster, which forced the company that had decided to launch it on the market to withdraw it and close its online store. And any apology that doesn’t assume that from start to finish doesn’t even deserve to be considered an apology, but rather an excuse. And of the bad. Dear Mr. Zelnick, please try again.

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