GTA V: PS5 and Xbox Series X physical versions are coming soon

GTA 5 has just returned to PS5 and Xbox Series X in digital format. If you swear only by the physical versions, know that this next-gen version of the Rockstar juggernaut will be available in boxes from April 12, 2022. Pre-orders are already open.

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Credits: Rockstar Games

As you may know, GTA V has made yet another return to PS5 and Xbox Series X in a version optimized for next-gen consoles this March 15, 2022. Rockstar’s behemoth therefore benefits from the power of Sony’s latest machines. and Microsoft to display in 4K 60 FPS and Ray Tracing effects. But that’s not all since the title benefits from reduced loading times and a multitude of various graphic improvements such as better population and vegetation density, reworked light and shadow effects or even Improved rendering of flames and explosions.

Until now, players who swear only by physical versions had to be patient. But good news, Rockstar has just announced the opening of pre-orders for the “boxed” version of GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you want to get your hands on this new version of GTA 5 in physics, you will have to pay €39.99. This version will be available from April 12, 2022 at specialist retailers, in supermarkets and on e-commerce sites.

GTA 5 arrives in physical on PS5 and Xbox Series X from April 12

The more vigilant among you will have noticed that the price of the physical version is significantly higher than that of the digital version, which is currently benefiting from great reductions on the PS Store and the Microsoft Store. Of course, it’s up to you to go to the checkout if you absolutely want to have the game in this format.

As a reminder, Rockstar Games created controversy a few days ago with the launch of GTA+, a brand new premium subscription for GTA Online players. By means of €5.99 per month, players will have access to additional exclusive content as well as early access to certain new features and events. Unsurprisingly, the news was coldly received by gamers, who have already cried foul about still having to checkout to enjoy the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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