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Rutronik and Intel are a successful duo in niches such as Industrial IoT or Artificial Intelligence. Two allies that guarantee customers the availability of products with first-class technical support and services. During the interview we had with Jordi Tarrida, Senior Marketing Manager of Rutronik Iberia He told us about his relationship with Intel and his differential values ​​as a global distributor.

Rutronik’s trajectory is a guarantee for companies. «We are a global company with 1,900 employees and 1,500 million euros in turnover, with 82 offices spread all over the world», the spokesman told us. A distributor, founded 50 years ago, that offers electronic components, divided into semiconductor and passive, electromechanical and connection; wireless and embedded where screens and plates are included.

Rutronik’s proposal seeks to be a one stop shop that makes life easy to customers with more than 150 manufacturer references. A positioning with a differential value proposal: “Our services range from the technical support we provide to R&D engineers for product development to consulting with market intelligence so that customers can be sure that they know that teams that design them will be able to industrialize them. We also have Supply Chain services of all kinds, offering the most complex solutions».

Rutronik and Intel, the binomial in the face of supply shortages

Rutronik’s value services allow us to offer availability and support in the face of the global supply crisis we are experiencing. A problem where the distributor is a guarantee, especially in everything related to Intel. “It is one of the most important suppliers we have. With them we are promoting very aggressive campaigns for products such as Intel RealSense cameras, Intel NUCs, Intel Optane Technology, IoT devices and, of course, CPUs, where it is the market leader»explained the manager.

One of the most interesting points of the joint proposal is that, thanks to the positioning as a global authorized distributor of Rutronik, the company can have stock. “Yes, we have stock and a very aggressive price campaign, key in the situation of shortage of components that we are experiencing»emphasized the spokesman.

With all this, Rutronik allows customers not only to guarantee a global product, but also first-rate technical and logistical support to enter niches such as industrial IoT, Edge or Artificial Intelligence, among others.

Rutronik and his commitment to Iberia

Rutronik’s bet is based on a global level, but with a local approach as well. In this sense, the distributor account in Iberia with 4 officesthree of them in Spain and one in Portugal from where it offers its services to customers.

The strategy of Rutronik in Spain and Portugal is increase. The manager evidenced this approach with a 40% increase in the workforce to take advantage of the pull of the Iberian market for electronic components, which is growing locally by 46.5%, and continue generating business with Intel. “We have been able to have double-digit growth with Intel thanks to aggressive engineering, stock and pricing,” Jordi Tarrida summarized.

Thus, Rutronik’s proposal hand in hand with Intel is more solid than ever and is prepared to take on any challenge that companies may pose. You dare?

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