Guide not to miss the Christmas content of Apple TV +

Being already immersed in Christmas, those plans of lying on the sofa or bed with a blanket and enjoying content according to the season are more appealing than ever. On Apple TV + we can find a multitude of content suitable for these holidays, either for exclusive Christmas specials or for the specials that have made their series.

100% Christmas content on Apple TV +

On the platform you can enjoy a snoopy christmas special titled “For Old Times” as well as the classic Christmas specials of Charles M. Schulz’s character. However, if Christmas stands out for something on Apple TV + it is because of the presence of Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey Apple TV +

The well-known interpreter of ‌All I Want for Christmas Is You » has on Apple TV + two exclusive specials. The first, released last year, under the title of A magical Christmas with Mariah Carey. The most recent is from just a few weeks ago and is titled The Magic Continues with Mariah Carey, both being suitable for the whole family and with exclusive Christmas songs.

Christmas special episodes of the series

Ted Lasso, the revelation series of Apple TV +, has to its credit a chapter whose plot revolves around Christmas. Despite its premiere in the summer, now is perhaps the best time to see it (or remember it if you had already seen it in its day). Is he ninth chapter of the second season, entitled “The Christmas Carol.” Although that’s not all, since last week they released a short animated short with the characters of the series wishing us happy holidays.

The also popular The Morning Show It has an episode that, although it is true that it is not centered on Christmas as such, tells of an upcoming holiday such as the end of the year. Specifically, it is inspired by New Year’s Eve from 2019 to 2020, being in the first chapter of the second season and entitled “My least favorite year.”

2x01 the morning show

If the Christmas spirit is fully present in Acapulco. The bilingual series released this year issued a Christmas chapter on the verge of its end, more specifically in the ninth chapter. Titled “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” it is in good tune with what these festivals represent.

acapulco 1x09

M. Night Shyamalan not only lives on suspense and psychological terror, but has also known how to couple these themes to the Christmas parties with Servant. The popular series that is about to premiere its third season has already left us an episode with Christmas in the background, the ninth of the second season entitled “Goose.”

servant 1x09

Y dedicated to the little ones of the house We can also find some special chapters in the series that the platform has focused on them.

  • Roll with Otis !: Chapter 9 (“Story of a Winter Cow”)
  • The Snoopy Show: Chapter 4 of season 1 (“Happiness is a snow day”)
  • The Fraguels: Chapter 22 of season 3 («The Bells of Fraggle Rock)
  • Little zen stories: special chapter (“The way home”)

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