Guide to choosing the best curved monitor for gaming

Are curved monitors worth gaming?

In general, if the monitor is of good quality (we will see what will make it so) and if you use the computer to play mainly, so yesIt is worth it and we will tell you why. But first, a warning.

If your main use of your computer is something else, such as programming, designing or writing, and you only use it to play games in a few spare moments, then choose a flat screen monitor.

The distortion of the angles and the colors that the curve produces will make graphic design impossible and writing and programming rare. We do not recommend it in that case.

What are the advantages?

Setup with curved monitor

Several, starting with the fact that a more immersive in-game experience, similar to cinema screens with a slight curve.

Besides that, you field of view will be narrower, which is a bonus. This way you will better see that enemy that pokes his face around a corner, without the need for your eyes to be scanning from one side to the other so much distance from end to end of the monitor.

That connects with another advantage, visual fatigue will be less, because you do not have to cover so much length with your eyes.

And the downsides?

Well, if it is to play and you do not do other activities, such as the ones we have named, then the main disadvantage is the price. Curved monitors are more expensive.

Another disadvantage is that they can try to sneak lower features than a flat monitor at a higher price. But don’t worry, because we explain how to easily decipher these characteristics and know if you are in front of a good monitor.

How to tell if a curved monitor is good for gaming

When you are looking at monitors, the first thing to do is look at what is often called «the 3 r’s ». Refreshment, Resolution and Response. Besides that, we will consider a couple of other things.

Let’s see them.

Refresh rate

The more the merrier. This number indicates the number of times the screen updates the image every second. It is measured in hertz (Hz) and, until recently, all monitors were 60 Hz, but that is history.

This is similar to the cinema, if you have 60 Hz, the image is updated 60 times per second, which will fit 60 frames per second or FPS. If you have 120 Hz, it updates 120 times. That means the image will be smoother, having less tearing and jerks, the nemesis of gamers.

Here is an illustrative video to see the differences.


The more the merrier again, but taking into account an important detail. This figure is the number of pixels that your screen can display at the same time. A Full HD monitor will have 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 4K monitor will have 3840 x 2160.

And the important detail?

That higher resolution images will demand more powerful graphics so that everything goes smooth and you really take advantage of that refreshment rate from before.

So take a good look at your performance. If the GPU you have is not powerful, a lot of resolution will make everything jerk And a 12-year-old with a bigger GTX will kill you and insult your mother in the process. Of course, you can always lower the resolution in games, but how funny is that?

Response time

The less the better. It is the time it takes a pixel to change color and having a high response means ghosting or residual ghost images. If you are a gamer, you will already know that this is very unpleasant to experiment with.

Today they are usually for the 4 ms (milliseconds) of response. More than that is not recommended.

Freesync technology

Variable refresh technology

It is used to synchronize well the refresh rate of the monitor with that of the PC. If they are out of step, the dreaded tearing, mismatched images and jerkiness.

If your gaming monitor has such technology, here is what to keep in mind:

  • If your card is Nvidia, technology G-sync.
  • If your card is AMD, technology Freesync.

If the curved gaming monitor is minimally decent, it will support both.

The size

The more the merrier. Size matters in life, nothing you don’t already know. If the monitor is curved, with a large size you will not have that feeling of sitting in the front row of the cinema and having to look from one side to the other, missing part of the action.

Here it depends a bit on the preferences and the place you have in the room, but since we start, although this class of monitors usually starts at 27 inches (less does not make much sense, the truth, although there are 24) points to 34 inches to enjoy that greater immersive experience.

Other things to consider on a curved monitor for gaming

Other setup with curved monitor

The most important thing is what we have seen, but other things must also be taken into account:

  • Color fidelity. Someone will come and say that I have no idea, but the color fidelity it is not essential if you play only, it is so. No monitor goes so far in this that you see green as blue. This is a must if you do graphic or video design, but you don’t need 100% Adobe fidelity if you play.
  • Monitor technology. There are several, choose IPS, it is all you have to know, it is not that you are going to see many of another variety.

Curved monitor models: best options

Knowing all this, you can now go to your favorite store being able to translate all those terms and abbreviations. However, we make it much easier for you with this shortlist of the best curved monitors to play.

Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor, all the requirements at an excellent price

If you have stayed with something of what we have told you, you will see that this monitor meets practically everything ideal. 34 inch (so the curve makes sense and is better used) WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440), refreshment of nothing less than 144 Hz and AMD Freesync technology.

Do not worry about the latter if you have Nvidia, it also has G-Sync compatible, although it is not officially approved.

Is about 460 euros And, for that price, it’s an excellent choice that has it all.

Yeyian Sigurd, the good, pretty and cheap option

We get it, you don’t have a euro and neither do we. For those cases, there is this Yeyian Sigurd from 27 inches which is very good for just over 200 euros.

Ideal to start with a curved monitor, obviously you sacrifice things. Mainly, the resolution, it’s only Full HD (1920 x 1080). In his favor the 165 Hz refresh rate (forget about so much, it’s actually 144 Hz, but plenty) and that it has Freesync and G-Sync.

Samsung C27F396FHR brand curved monitor at a low price

We understand, you do not want to risk brands that you do not know. In that case, choose this 27 inch Samsung, knowing what you leave in the inkwell in addition to size, refresh rate and resolution.

It’s a traditional 60Hz monitor and its resolution is 1280 x 1024. You can’t ask for more for the price either.

Asus ROG Strix XG349C, for the gamer without budget problems

If you have all the money to burn, go professional. This Asus ROG is a curved monitor to play that exceeds 1000 euros, but you take it practically everything.

34 inches, WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440), technologies of all kinds to gain that microsecond of advantage and that everything looks sharper than reality and faster than a Tesla. In addition, it also has 180 Hz refresh. Almost nothing, you will be the envy.

Now you know, we will have long teeth, but if you are tempted by a curved monitor to play, you already know everything you need and you will not fail with any of the options we have given you.

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