Gundam: first image of the RX-78-2 for the Netflix live action film

Netflix has released the first official live action image of Gundam, the film based on the frnachise Sunrise by Mobile Suit created by Yoshiyuki Tomino And Hajime Yatate.

The concept art is obviously dedicated to the robot symbol of the saga, namely theRX-78-2, and was revealed in the course of Netflix Festival Japan 2021.

What do we know about Gundam’s live action?

The film, announced during the Anime Expo 2018 will be born from the direct collaboration between Sunrise And Legendary Pictures.

There will be directing the film Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) who will also executive produce the film together M.akoto Asanuma. The screenplay will instead be signed by the cartoonist Brian K. Vaughan.

Mobile Suit Gundam plot

The world inhabited by humanity is no longer made up of the Earth alone, but has expanded to the entire Terrestrial Sphere, including the Moon and seven areas located around the Lagrange points of the lunar orbit called Side, in which hundreds of ” space islands ”, huge artificial cylinders containing habitats suitable for life.

Year 0079 UC: the Principality of Zeon, located in Side 3, declares its secession from the Earth Federation, sparking a violent conflict, known as the One Year War, which will rage on every continent of the Earth and in almost every space colony and lunar settlement. . Zeon is initially benefited by the use of a revolutionary type of weapon, the mobile suit, an armored robot with an anthropomorphic appearance piloted by a human being.

When a reconnaissance team of Zeon mobile suits, disobeying orders, attacks the colony of Side 7, the inhabitants of the latter learn of the Federation’s response to this new weapon: the Gundam mobile suit. With the help of the surviving federal soldiers from the White Base transport battleship, the refugee crew embarks on an adventure that will bring a handful of them to change the course of the war.

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