Gurman does not fail, Mac Studio and Studio Display and much more. The best of the week in SoydeMac

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The long-awaited Apple event last Tuesday started on time and left all users with their mouths open after seeing the power of the Mac Studio, the benefits of the Studio Display monitor, along with the rest of the products presented at the event. This week also started with the reserves last Friday, March 11, a reserves that were quite fluid and it seems that the Stock has not suffered too much despite the logistical complications, materials and other obstacles. At the moment we have not reserved anything but we are going to see a small summary with the best of the week in I’m from Mac.

As is often said in these cases: “To Caesar, what is Caesar’s.” And it is that Mark Gurman, announced hours before the release of the new Mac Studio and Studio Display his arrival so the news spread like wildfire through the network with the uncertainty of whether it would be true or not. A few hours ago we see that Gurman was not wrong.


We continue with the presentation of March 8 and it is that it is the arrival of this Mac Studio and the Studio Display quite liked all the users who followed the event live. The new products have come to stay and it seems that Macs continue to gain prominence in recent years at Applesomething that we like a lot.

The power of the processors presented by Apple on Tuesday, the M1 Ultra It is without a doubt one of the points to take into account for the next teams of the company. In this case, the Geekbench results clearly indicate what they are capable of doing, power, efficiency and “adjusted” prices.

Apple M1 Ultra

To finish, we leave you with a rumor about the possible arrival of the first Macs with 4nm M2 technology from TSMC. Apparently this processor would be ready by the end of this year, so we have to be patient and above all enjoy the path that Apple is taking us in this important component of Macs. How well did Apple leave Intel aside in its Macs…

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