Gurman explains that Apple is already working on an iMac with an M3 processor

When Mark Gurmann he talks (well, he writes) about Apple’s upcoming releases, you have to listen to him (well, read him) because he is always very well informed and usually gets it right almost every time. Today he has commented on his blog several “pearls” regarding the next models of Macs that Apple is working on.

While we are yet to see the new Apple M2 processors, ARM and TSMC are already working on the next series, the M3, which will come to light at the end of next year. This is a non-stop.In the personal blog that Mark Gurman has in Bloomberg, has just published an entry explaining the projects that Apple is already working on for the next iMacs with M3 processors. Although it’s not clear what kind of advancements or technology this chip will use, it’s interesting to know that Apple is already working on new processors for its future Macs.

While we are currently still almost testing the latest processors appearing on the market in the M1 series of Macs, and we hope to see the first M2 soon, it seems that Apple is already working together with MRA Y TSMC in its third generation of processors for Macs and iPads. The iMac M3 is brewing in the bowels of Cupertino.

Gurman believes that Apple is working on a series of processors called M2— an M2 for a new MacBook Air, entry-level MacBook Pro and Mac mini, the M2 Pro and M2 Max for a new 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and finally a dual M2 Ultra for the Mac Pro .

This new range of M2 processors could launch as early as June, as Gurman says Apple may be planning to release some new Macs in the coming months. Apple could take advantage of the WWDC 2022 for it.

At the moment, the only iMac available in the Apple catalog is the model of 24 inches. Since it seems that we will not see a model with a larger screen at the moment, Mark hints in his blog that the Cupertino may be thinking of a larger iMac to launch with the M3 processor, at the end of next year. We’ll see if Gurman is right or wrong.

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