Gurman explains what the new Mac Pro and MacBook Air will be like

Yesterday mark gurman talked about the next Macs. Well, rather, she wrote her. And she posted it on her Bloomberg blog. And he wrote what he knows (or what he’s allowed to explain) about two of the next Macs Apple plans to release.

Are the Mac Proand a new 15-inch MacBook Air. The first to definitively banish the last Mac that Apple has in its catalog with an Intel processor. And the second, to satisfy all those users who want a 15-inch MacBook without having to dig deep into their pockets for a MacBook Pro. Let’s see what counts.

When Mark Gurman explains a leak about Apple’s current projects, at least you have to listen to him (well, rather read him) because he is usually very well informed and his rumors are almost always followed at face value.

And in his latest blog post, he has explained some details about two new Macs that will hit the market in a few months. This is a new Mac Pro Apple Siliconand a 15-inch MacBook Air.

A new Mac Pro inside

Gurman has explained that the renewal of the Mac Pro will only be done inside, keeping your current outer box. A modular box in which we can house the different components of the Mac according to our requirements or possibilities.

So we can change the SSD storage by having two bays, the graphics cards, and the connection cards, as if it were a PC tower. The only thing that cannot change its owner is the RAM memory, which will come soldered to the motherboard.

With the new Mac Pro, with processors M2Ultrathe transition cycle from Intel Macs to Apple Silicon will be closed, and thus all Macs currently on the market will have Apple’s own processors, whether they are from the M1 family or the second generation, the M2.

A 15-inch MacBook

In the same publication, Gurman has also referred to a new model of macbook air which will see the light in a few months. A MacBook Air with just over 15-inch screen. Specifically, 15.5 inches.

MacBook Air M2

Soon we will see a 15.5-inch MacBook Air.

A laptop that will delight all those Mac users who are looking for a MacBook with a generous screen, and who do not need to scratch their pockets buying a 16-inch MacBook Pro High performance that will never squeeze it.

What he hasn’t talked about is release dates, neither the Mac Pro nor the MacBook Air. Taking into account the months of delays that Apple leads with the launch of the next MacBook Pro, anyone risks predicting dates for the following….

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