Gurman is hopeless about the temperature sensor for the Apple Watch Series 8

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Rumors come and go as the wind blows and what was more than possible a few weeks ago is now no longer possible. This is what happens with the rumors about the Apple Watch Series 8 and its various sensors, Mark Gurman, now says in his newsletter “Power On” that the new device of Apple will not add this temperature sensor in the next generation.

Gurman himself, along with other analysts specializing in Apple products, warned that it was possible to incorporate this temperature sensor in next-generation smart watches. Now it says that this sensor it won’t come for a few years.

An Apple Watch Series 8 “of the most normal”

And it is that if we pay attention to the first leaks and rumors of this new year 2022 it seems that the Apple smart watch will be the most normal in terms of functions, too many changes in terms of sensors are not expected and it is most likely that us stay away from the arrival of temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar sensors. The latter we believe will be the bombshell when Apple can add it, for now it will be time to be patient.

At the beginning of this year, Apple was revealed to be one of the largest customers of British company Rockley Photonics, this firm develops non-invasive optical sensors to detect multiple blood-related health metrics, including blood pressure, blood glucose and blood alcohol levels. Does this mean that we are going to have these sensors on Apple’s wrist devices soon? Well, everything indicates that no, but it is also true that it is being worked on and therefore it is possible that the rumors about its arrival remain latent this year and the following until they are officially announced.

We hope this arrival does not take too long but according to Gurman, we have to arm ourselves with patience to see this type of integrated and fully functional sensors in Apple Watch.

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