Gurman Says A New “High-End” Mac Mini Will Be Released Soon

Apparently Mark Gurman doesn’t take a vacation in August. It has been a few days since he has been dropping new rumors about the next releases that Apple plans to make, and today we have a new one. According to his Bloomberg blog account, we have a new Mac mini in sight.

Explain that you will mount a new processor «M1X«, An evolution of the famous M1 chip of the current Apple Silicon. It will be a “high-end” model with more features and more ports than the current one. We will see.

Mark Gurman just explained to Bloomberg that Apple plans to launch a new high-performance Mac mini in the coming months. It will mount an evolution of the current M1 processor, called “M1X”.

He explains that it will be a new high-end model that will replace the current Mac mini with an Intel processor. Apart from the new M1X processor, you will have more connection ports. He believes that it is possible that it will be launched in conjunction with the next Macbook pro.

This information fits with what Jon Prosser published a few months ago on his YouTube account. He shared some images of readers on the new Mac mini, with a “Plexiglas” top cover, and a magnetic power connection. These images also showed more connection ports than current models.

Gurman believes that Apple will hold a special event in the fall to introduce the new Apple Silicon models: the two 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, and this new Mac mini. It would also be the official launch of macOS Monterey. A special event “only Macs«.

It would be like the event that was held in November of last year, focused solely and exclusively on the launch of the new Macs Apple Silicon. It would not be surprising if something similar is repeated this year. We have less to get out of doubt, and see if Gurman and Prosser are right or not.

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